A portable air conditioner is a cooling system that you can port around from place to place or room to room. Homeowners or renters can purchase it for their personal use. They are commonly placed on the floor and purchase they come with an easy to use installation kit for a much quicker safer setup. A variety of portable air conditioners models have wheels, so moving them around from room to room is quite easy.

Portable air conditioners (PACs) or better known as spot coolers have been around for some time now, but their acceptance has taken flight over a short period, and somehow it seems only to be going higher. This is due to their suitability, flexibility, and energy efficiency. Let’s take a look at some of the top most benefits of owning a spot cooler.

Energy Efficient

A portable air conditioner can be used for economic reasons as well, and they can be quite expensive to run, a spot cooler saves much more energy, and they cool down your wallet in the process. On some days you find yourself alone in the house, and you only need cooling for a few rooms, portable air conditioners will do the job, and they are a great companion to your HVAC unit, giving the chance to significantly lower your energy bills by using less and less of your central unit.

Best Option On the Go Cooling

So you want to take a trip with your family, everyone is excited you pack your bags, take your RV keys and everyone gets in the RV, and you are on your way. It’s a long trip and its starts getting hot and everyone starts complaining, you turn on that unreliability cooling system but it doesn’t seem to do the job, it only makes the RV hotter.

Now you are over there at the driver seat thinking should I strip naked and drive the RV with no pants, or what should I do? Wait hold on I have something for you. A portable air conditioner offers exclusive cooling solutions for small living spaces, or whether it’s an RV, trailers or pop-up campers it doesn’t matter, a portable air conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable as you carry on with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Low Price

Everything considered, portable air conditioners are way cheaper than most window air conditioners, well apart from the high-end portable spot coolers which may cost more than low-end window units. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase one of them and besides it’s a good spend. Consumers are willing to spend a reasonable amount of money for something that offers great value.

Before purchasing portable spot cooler, you should do such research for the best possible price for your required specifications and reputable manufacturers to guarantee a reliable warranty on purchase, the and performance you can rely on. Some models pretty expensive they offer a broad range of services like the ability to heat during the winter season also known as a heat pump while others are equipped with air vanes that are set into motion once they sense motion permitting the system to make an enhanced use of its air.

No Installation Required

The name itself, portable air conditioner, is clear enough that they don’t need codes or have to be in-line with any building or HVAC permits. You just have to route a 4” inch hose to vent to the warm air coming from the room to an outside space. Doesn’t require any installation at all and you can move it from room to room, most of them almost weigh nothing plus they are on wheels so all member of the family can/may move it.

Also, if you are in a let’s say an office environment, and you have access to the server room, by getting the installation kit, you can install your unit through the ceiling or a door so that the unit can vent outside. Compared to window air conditioners, which quickly take up most of the window, portable air conditioners have a slight exterior source penetration.

Compliments Smalls Spaces

For some people, owning a central air unit is somehow a luxury. Many of the consumers living in one bedroom or studio apartments have admired its ability to fit in perfectly to their needs. It doesn’t require installation, and the setup is just a walk in the park.

If your landlord covers your electricity bill, they may highly object installation of a central air unit because some tenants may run it all day just to keep their apartments cool. Compared to a portable unit, a central air unit would wrench more British thermal units (BTU) due to its size. The BTU is simply the basic measure of thermal energy, the larger your space, the more BTUs your apartment needs.

Living in a small apartment means you’ve less space and fewer windows, sacrificing much needed natural light or that perfect view is definitely not an option. By installing a window air conditioner unit, which takes up the majority of a window, you’d limit the amount of light entering the apartment and also have to sacrifice the view, but a portable air conditioner will only take a fraction of the opening, conserving much-needed window space.

Cools and Dehumidifies

If you have allergies, you know that they can get very depressing at times, especially when you live in a humid climate there are many triggers for allergies such as mildew, dust mites mold, etc. Portable air conditioners not only cool the air, but they also dehumidify it.

Anyone suffering from any allergies is able breath with much ease, its utmost importance for humidity levels to remain low so as to make your home less hospitable to allergens. A dehumidifier helps in reducing the possibility of developing mold on your clothing or furniture.

Also, a dehumidifier will lower energy costs because it will help the portable air conditioner run more efficiently. In a situation where the air in your home is much more humid, a window air conditioner will have to cool the air and remove the moisture, which mains it has to work twice as hard.

This gives way to wear and tear and you will need to replace it more often. Portable air conditioners are fundamentally two units in one, if the humidity happens to persist; many models feature a Dehumidify-Only mode which will continue to remove all the moisture without cooling.


Portable air conditioner very popular than in the previous years and its popularity is only growing. This sudden skyrocketing demand has been significantly fuelled by more and more people realizing the benefits of owning one as compared to a window air conditioner.

They are energy efficient, have no restrictions, portable what’s not to love. Like the law of supply and demand dictates, the higher the demand, the higher the supply, this means as more people want the portable units then the lower it would cost. When considering a cooling option, consider a portable cooling option.