Since 2017, Marine Air has been a part of the Dometic group. They are a Swedish company that was first introduced in 1968, and is known by most people as Elextrolux Leisure Appliances. They are one of the few big manufacturers for RV cooling solutions, and over the years have staked a big claim in that area. They are also big on the industrial side of the air condition industry, pushing for a lot of change to bring businesses what they need the most. Since the residential side of their company focuses on RV’s, they have also introduced several travel friendly appliances.

Dometic Air Conditioner Reviews

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Dometic 640315C Penguin II 410 Amp Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner

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First on the list is the Penguin II, which has a big jump over the previous model with power, options and cooling efficiency. It is available in polar white or black, although the polar white might be a bit too shiny for some base color RV’s. The design is unique enough that it won’t draw too much attention, or rather it won’t stand out like a sore thumb on an older RV. Consumers can purchase it in the base 13,500 BTU model or the High Capacity version, great for larger RV’s that need the extra power. But even with the base version, the weaker components still hold up well over time.

The price is midrange, so is well in line with what most consumers would want to spend on air conditioning for their RV. With an electrical rating of 120v, it’s also pretty decent without power usage once installed. Technical users can tweak this to their advantage without having too much of a drop off in running power. A 2 year premium warranty is included with purchase, and is one of the better available warranties in the industry. For any sized RV, this is a great air conditioner that will keep things cool when you need it the most.

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Dometic 651816 651816.CXX1C0 Penguin HP Heat Pump

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For a dual version of the Penguin model, buyers usually prefer the heating and cooling elements of this model. The price is high but well worth it since you’ll be getting two units in one. It works on any 14 inch roof vent opening, which is the standard across the industry. So with high compatibility, good power and ease of use, this is one of the better deals from Dometic. Ducted or air box installations are also supported, although the assembly and ceiling controls are sold separately. For first time users this may cause a bit of a headache when installing, but for seasoned users this is nothing new.

Fans of the Comfort Control Center will also enjoy the seamless integration after installing the unit, which is a feature that turns this into a must buy for any RV user. Compared to other heating elements, this Penguin model handles large areas well without needing to up its electronic usage. So the battery in your RV won’t be taxed I the cold winter months when the pump is operating at max capacity. Other than needing to change thermostats if you aren’t a CCC user, this is just about everything a buyer would want out of a dual cooling/heating unit.

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Dometic B59516.XX1C0 Brisk II Polar White Air Conditioner

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Last on the list is the Brisk II, a 15,000 BTU version of the original Brisk. This is a great purchase for buyers that wanted a version of the Brisk to work with their larger RV. It has the same functions other than more power and some different options, like with the colors. This time around they introduced black to go with their original color of Polar White. The black looks nice and shows they put some effort into the style of the new color. Just like the original Brisk, this one can be used as a ducted or non-ducted unit.

It has the same great installation instructions, so there are no worries about new users getting confused with the directions. Included with the package is a 2 year protection plus warranty that comes in handy when something goes wrong. It is one of the better warranties in the industry, and is highly regarded by owners of Dometic products. What really makes the Brisk II amazing is that it is a higher powered version that doesn’t raise the cost. Keeping with the low price of the original, this deal really works well if you are in need of an air conditioner. As the last product on the list, it also ranks as a top tier choice for RV owners.

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Dometic Blizzard NXT Air Conditioner

Another one of the high priced roof air conditioners from the Dometic lineup is the Blizzard, and it wins on design alone. With a cool mixture of black and white tones, it fits in with modern RV color schemes. As a plus it was also made to be lightweight, giving it an unusually great aerodynamic design once installed. The 350 CFM blower handles the stress of long days and heat without any trouble, and it is compatible with multiple leading systems.

There is a max of 15 BTU behind this unit, allowing for quick cooling in small and large areas without even reaching its max capacity. The Blizzard has become popular with commercial businesses, proving that it is powerful enough for their needs without compromising the unit for consumer purposes. If there is one downside it has to do with its integration into older RV’s with older systems. This can be a little tricky for users if they have never made any specific changes before in their RV. Based on what’s available in Dometic’s lineup, if you have an older RV then they have better choices than the Blizzard. But for owners of modern RV’s, this is a good deal that shouldn’t be passed up.


Dometic is all about mobile living and making it easy for all of their customers and clients. That is why they are a top mobile living provider, providing the most compatible air conditioners of any company. RV users have no trouble with the installation of their products, with many of them becoming a permanent part of the mobile experience. Outside of roof air conditioners for RV’s, Dometic has made a dent on the entire mobile living market. They have many portable products like refrigerators, water supplies and more. With prices that are in line with the rest of the industry, Dometic will continue to be a big resource for the RV market.


Unless you have an older RV, the size of Dometic’s roof air conditioners should be compatible. The few RV’s that aren’t compatible with the size of Dometic air conditioners will have a hard time finding an alternative. There aren’t many companies that have a more thorough product lineup for portable customers than Dometic. And there aren’t a lot of compatible conversation kits that are beginner friendly. The company website has a good rundown of the models they support, and that should be more than enough for the average consumer. And if you run a business, finding what works best for your fleet can save you thousands of dollars.


All Dometic roof air conditioners are slick, good looking and not eye popping in their appearance. They have simple colors like black or white, and are made to blend in with the rest of the RV. There are no big color schemes to go with their lineup, and it mostly has to do with their attractiveness to the business RV market. Along with black or white, they also keep their design aerodynamic. It seems like a small thing to do for a roof air conditioner, but any RV owner that has driven without that type of design knows the struggles.


There are all the normal features that one would expect from RV air conditioners, with a couple of extras thrown in. Dometic made it easy to get replacement shrouds, and also cheap. Replacing the look (and feel) of your air conditioner takes minutes, and in some cases can change how the unit functions with your vehicle. Another big inclusion with their features has more to do with the power of their product with heating capabilities. It outclassed several other products with similar features based off of power output and power draw. Since this wasn’t a primary function of the model, it really showed the value of its full feature set.

Long Term Capabilities

RV air conditioners don’t go out that often unless they are pushed to the limits. This applies to all makers and not just Dometic. Regular maintenance is suggested in order to keep things moving along without any hiccups, but it is rare to see these roof air conditioners give in even when they are rain consistently while on the road or parked. Situations that may end with you calling in the warranty are related to bad care and freak accidents. Even in severe snowstorms the air conditioner will run just fine, and is in no more danger than the RV itself. And because of the superior warranty provided by Dometic, if something does go wrong you’ll be covered.

Customer Support

This is another big win for the company, but it also has a miss. A lot of the original customers of Marine Air weren’t aware of the switch to Dometic. This caused a short burst of confusion during the transition when buyers wanted to collect on their warranty. Once that was all sorted out, it was back to business as usual with top flight customer service. But there was a point where the support from the company wasn’t up to the task of the influx of new customers. In the current day setting, Dometic is more than capable of handling customer inquiries and warranties.

How Does It Help Businesses And Regular Customers?

Both groups will benefit from the products that Dometic offer, but the real winners are businesses that want to equip an entire fleet of RV’s. This is the most cost effective way to get quality roof air conditioners into a group of RV’s. High compatibility is another reason why businesses will enjoy buying from Dometic in bulk, leaving less problems on the backend with botched installations. This applies to their low or high tier products, and also covers their non-air conditioning materials where necessary.


Usually companies that are great for businesses are not good for consumers. Dometic broke that mold by providing an equally satisfying experience for both sides, with products that exceed expectations. Whether you’re an older Marine Air customer or a newer Dometic user, these products will match up with your RV perfectly.