Everstar is a small portable air conditioning company that has a lot of great products to offer customers. They have a particular design with the models that are perfect for getting a large amount of air out at one time. This design has been the same for years and has been one of their trademarks when marketing to customers that want maximum airflow.

Their models are one of the better values in the industry for professionals and residential customers, with features that continue to hold up even among the elite brands that they compete with. The MPK-10CR and the MPM08 are the two models that get the most attention and have the most positive customer reviews since they went into production.

Everstar Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier MPM08 CRBB4

This 8,000 BTU model from Everstar is a great little energy saving unit that can cool up to 250 square feet. For small rooms, it is the perfect addition when customers need instant cooling that won’t take up a lot of energy from the outlet. Inside this portable unit, they have also managed to include a great dehumidifier that functions just as efficiently as the air conditioner.

The price is about mid range-high, so it costs a little less than larger units. Buyers that are concentrating on smaller rooms can save a lot of money by going with this model. There is no need to get a portable air conditioner that is bigger than their needs. You should consider this model the entry level candidate for small and average sized areas. Nice additions to the feature list of this model include a 24 hour on/off timer, three cooling speeds, continuous drain port, and Four-way air deflection.

The included window kit turns this into a formidable buy for beginners that have never owned a portable air conditioner. If needed, the filter is washable for reuse and is its cost saver over the years. Once two AAA batteries are put in the remote, it can operate for a long time without needing a change. Everstar bundled it with a five function remote control, letting customers manage essential features of the air conditioner from a distance. For the price, this is a really good deal, and great for homes or small areas that need quick cooling.

Everstar Portable Air Conditioner MPK-10CR

Even with the attention that the MPM08 CRBB4 gets, it’s hard to forget how great the MPK-10CR is. This is another one of Everstar’s models that work efficiently without driving up the electricity bill. The difference is that it’s stronger at 10,000 BTU and can handle up to medium sized rooms. The price is high, but for the extra power it works out to be a good value anyway. There are the three standard cooling speeds and 24-hour timer built in, with a lot of customization. A self-evaporating setup means it can remove 76 pints of water a day without maintenance.

That’s a huge change up from previous models and can help buyers that don’t want to deal with an under powered dehumidifier. As a backup or a full-time unit, this portable air conditioner gets the job done. The only downside to this model is that the noise is a little louder than normal when operating at full capacity. It isn’t a big deal for some environments but is noticeable in settings where conversations are taking place.

Any settings lower than high will keep the noise level to a minimum, which is the preferred setting when in a setting that needs quiet. Buyers that want a little more power out of their Everstar models can get the intended results with the MPK-10CR. It’s a great choice for the company and may end up being the preferred Everstar model for office use.


Everstar is a small company that has quality portable air conditioners for sale. Unlike the other companies in the industry, Everstar has a strict focus on portable air conditioners since it is the only product they sell. There are a couple of great models from their lineup since they began production.

On air conditioners, and with the success of those products they improved significantly in all areas. Even their remote controls went through some revamping as they found the best mix of features to include. The results of all of the company’s hard work have led to two powerful products, both with their unique advantages.

Everstar has great pricing on all of their products with a big focus on making sure they use as little energy as possible. This design decision has helped them get their portable air conditioners in several homes of customers looking to save money.


All of their models are average size, with the weight being the biggest surprise. Everstar models are heavier than normal portable air conditioners and average around 80 pounds per model. That is something to keep in mind when buying that will be used in multiple areas of a home that has stairs.

This becomes an even bigger problem since not all of the models have wheels. When going by dimensions, the Everstar models have fit the description of great portable air conditioners. But with the heavy size and lack of wheels on some models, it becomes a chore moving it from point a to point b. In some situations, customers will make their models permanent solutions in an area, so they don’t have to move it around. Once again this is model dependent, so buyers should check and make sure that their specific product has wheels to ensure maximum portability.


Everstar has a no-nonsense design to their air conditioners, with the trademark being the wide opening for the wind to come out. It’s nothing too fancy, and other than white, cream and silver colors, the styling is very basic. It won’t stand out in a home or office setting since it blends in with most décor. Since design also includes everything with the exterior, the lack of wheels in some models is a big con.

This was covered with size, but the omission deserves repeating in the design category. It essentially becomes a free standing air conditioner without the portability, although this doesn’t cover all of their models. Buyers may end up wanting a little more style with their air conditioners, so the limited colors could be a bad thing. But it is more important for a portable air conditioner to be balanced in style rather than overbearing. And that is where Everstar wins, and gains a lot of potential customers.


The biggest on the list of must-haves with all of their units is the energy consumption. All Everstar products use a low amount of electricity even when they are at full blast. With a power draw that low, they really become must-haves for green customers that want to save on their electric bill. This works for both the dehumidifying and the cooling mode options. Noise levels are hit or miss, with the low and medium settings only registering an incredible 44 dBa.

As long as the unit isn’t on the highest setting, it is whisper quiet and probably top five in the industry for noise levels. The last feature that gets a lot of publicity is the self-evaporating design that rids the user of needing a place to store the water. It’s ingenious in execution and works well for eliminating excess water. That alone makes the built in dehumidifier an above average addition to all of their models for sale.

Inside Capabilities

This is where Everstar portable air conditioners excel the most, with their low maintenance/low power units. They are the ultimate choice for buyers that want to set up their air conditioner and walk away without any deep customization options. All of their models come out of the box ready to go, with little.

To no customization needed. Larger rooms and areas aren’t fully supported with the 10000 BTU and under models, so range is limited to a particular square footage. For medium sized and under rooms, the units have no problem cooling them off quickly. The remote control provided with the models are good, and can handle all essential functions without needing to go to the control panel on the air conditioner. Buyers should be aware that not all models come with a remote control out of the box, which ends up as a separate purchase.

Outside Capabilities

For outside use, Everstar’s are limited in their appeal due to power and weight. A lot of customers have fallen in love with the models that have no wheels, so transporting them to an outside setting is not ideal. And even the models that have wheels weight upwards of 80 pounds, so using them in some outside areas may not even be possible.

One situation that comes to mind is placing it in the soft grass where the weight would make it sink, leading to an annoying time of moving it in any particular direction. And since the strongest of their portable models is only 10000 BTU, it won’t have the punch necessary to handle even a limited outside setting.

Customer Support

Everstar has good customer support with a fantastic warranty. They seem to be email only initially, so buyers that are used to one on one conversations with a customer representative will be disappointed. However, they do answer their emails quickly, and with a full understanding of whatever the customer’s issue is.

Warranty requests are handled much better than normal inquiries, leaving customers with general questions waiting for answers. In a way, this makes Everstar ideal for intermediate to professional users, as they will handle self-help better. Still, there is a lot of room for beginners to enjoy the Everstar brand; they just need to prepare themselves to do a little reading when required.

How Does It Help Professionals?

The 10000 BTU model is probably the closest buyers will get to a little energy model for a midsize office setting. In this example, two 10000 BTU units in a medium to a large office with multiple workers will cool actually, and still cost less in energy than one large unit. It’s an attractive solution for the office setting, while a single 10000 BTU unit works well in a closed off single office. This is where the models with no wheels can come in handy, as they will be a semi-permanent solution rather than a portable one.

What Are The Benefits For Regular Customers?

Portable air conditioners can be used as full-time solutions, but that doesn’t always mean they will cost less than using other methods for cooling air. Some home AC units can cool an entire house for less than a portable option. This isn’t the case when using an Everstar model, and it also helps that it requires minimal maintenance.

Everstar doesn’t bring anything revolutionary to the table with their products, yet they give customers an excellent and efficient buying choice. Everstar is a good alternative when deciding between the major brands and wanting to go for something lower priced.

Best Comparison

A lot of the Everstar models have a lot in common with Koldfront, most notably their PAC802W. It is a low powered 8000 BTU unit that is built to save power. Benefits of this model are a lower weight at 57 pounds, and also a smaller size overall.

Where the Everstar models win out is with their superior dehumidifying functions. Koldfront models also require more maintenance and have an average warranty when making a claim. Both companies have a similar focus with residential customers, and Everstar has the edge with performance vs. value.


This company represents more than a budget brand, and even with their small size has impressive products. They don’t use any shortcuts with their portable air conditioners or remotes. Instead of looking at only the big brands, Everstar has made a convincing argument to customers that they should be respected. So far, it’s working out well with their portable air conditioners becoming big sellers in a competitive industry.