Industrial coolers are big and bulky for a reason, with a lot of their lifetime spent in wide open space cooling large rooms. But an industrial cooler isn’t just for keeping things cold, and has also been used to regulate temperatures to keep them at core levels. This makes them useful in places like server rooms, greenhouses and even large gyms where using a normal AC unit wouldn’t be as cost effective. But there is a lot of thought that goes into purchasing these units, and it goes far beyond the regular mold of regular air conditioners.

Industrial Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

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Portacool PAC2K36HPVS 36-Inch Portable Evaporative Cooler

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A lot of power went into the PAC2K36HPVS, which is why it is able to lower temperatures quick. Even in a large setting it can lower the temp up to 30 f without the use of harmful chemicals. This is one of the pricier units in the industry but well worth the purchase, even at the current high price. Using proven energy efficient methods buyers won’t have to worry about their electric bills going sky high while using this. And if you need to use an industrial unit for an extended period of time, then energy efficiency is a must.

This Portacool model is made up of a single rust free piece housed in molded polyethylene. It’s durable, leak proof and built like a small brick house. A ¾ water hose connection has been built in to help with longer running times, and provides a necessary boost when you need to keep it on for the entire day. But the best feature is that it comes assembled and ready to go right out of the box, saving you valuable time upfront. Because of the simple configurations, all levels of users will be able to operate this without trouble. This unit comes highly recommended, and won’t give you any trouble.

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COOL-SPACE CS-16-VD Variable Drive Portable Evaporative Cooler

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Buyers that want to save a little money will have an easy time deciding on this mid-high priced unit, which is completely portable with a UV resistant housing. There are no worries about leaks or rust, and the overall thickness of the unit makes it suitable for industrial work in both inside and outside settings. This is a unit that is often incorrectly labeled as a ‘bargain’ mode, when it is actually one of the better brands in its class. This is apparent when you look at how the company offers the longest warranty in the industry, which is a big deal for any industrial cooler that will be running for hours per day.

The life of the unit is naturally extended with the use of Edge coated cooling media, and the wheels on the bottom balance out the entire system perfectly. Moving it from point a to b is an easy affair, and won’t lead to frustrating issues that plague other models when moving them around. At 26x24x44.5 inches it can cool an area of 1200 square feet up to 33 degrees. The only thing you need to get started is an outlet and a garden hose, both which are easy finds in any setting. This is a fantastic unit for a first time buyer of portable coolers, and provides enough warranty assurance to make it worth the risk.

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Portacool PAC2K482S 48-Inch Portable Evaporative Cooler

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One of the highest priced coolers in the industry is also one of the best, and that is the PAC2K482S. This is another Portacool model that does an incredible job at cooling large areas. With the ability to lower the temperature in a 4,000 square foot area to 15 degrees, it’s the perfect industrial cooler for large areas. If you hook it up to a garden hose then you’ll be able to take advantage of a 40 gallon water capacity. This is why the cooling functions work so well in a wide open area, and for long periods of time.

Buyers can use the two speed operation to their leisure, with a majority of large areas benefiting from the higher speed. Regular maintenance will keep this cooler going for years, and it’s important to check on the KUUL Pads rigid media since it is a major part of keeping the cooler in tip top shape. The temperature won’t let up on you even if you run it for weeks at a time. It weighs 345 pounds, but moves well enough with the way they distributed the weight. This is very much a high end cooler that can provide years of use, so don’t let the price scare you off-it is well worth it.

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13,700 BTU – ENERGY STAR – 115 volt – 12.2 EER Kuhl Series Room Air Conditioner

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Users that favor power efficiency over raw power will find this mid-priced unit fits their needs. It differs from the other units offered by being smaller and thus needing no wheels. You’re going to lose some power with this model even if it cools up to 550 square feet. But what you lose with power you gain with an incredible amount of features not found in other industrial coolers. Some of the customizable options include optional Wi-Fi control so that you can use a capable device to control the unit from any location. This includes smartphones, tablets laptops and even desktop computers.

Going even further, you can set a full week programmable schedule that can have up to 4 changes per day. Combining this with the ability to change it on the fly wherever you are in the world makes this a perfect choice for rooms that need specific temperatures through the day and night cycles, like greenhouses. There are few in the industry that have this type of flexibility, and any intermediate or higher user should adapt to the controls quickly. This is easily one of the best coolers on the list, with less power but a lot of useful options.

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13200 Btu Portable Air Conditioner

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The most expensive industrial cooler on the list is also the most unique looking. But don’t let the looks of this high priced unit turn you off, because there is a reason for they designed it this way. The digital indicator on the unit handles everything including fan speed, fan modes and even shows relevant information about the current temps. Two louvers are included and can be adjusted to go in completed different directions. This is a great design choice and lets you cool two different sides of a room. Since the cooling covers a large area, they built in overload protection so you can run it full speed without worrying about shorting it out.

A long 30ft. supply hose is built into the unit with a condensate tank capacity of 5 gallons. The power cord length is 10ft., so a little short, but well within the range of what is being offered within the industry. And an underappreciated feature of this little powerhouse is how quiet it is, with a rating of a max 57 dBA. It’s the perfect weight at 153 pounds, and is the easiest to maneuver if you tend to move your coolers a lot. Because of this, a lot of small computer companies have shown preference to this model for their server rooms. For something a little different with some fun configurations, buyers will find this a very good purchase for their main industrial cooler.

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PORTACOOL JetStream 270

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Last on the list is another Portacool model, the JetStream 270. It ranks as another high priced unit, but is more than worth the money just on design alone. This may very well be the best model from Portacool, with the ability to cool an area of 5,625 square feet. That’s some impressive power, and it all comes together with the traditional design rather than an enclosed one. Needing only a 20 amp 120 volt plug, buyers can use either the built in 65 gallon reservoir or a regular garden hose connection. If you want the best cooling, using precooled water in the large reservoir would be the best bet.

That still won’t stop the overall effectiveness of the unit when it is plugged into a garden hose connection, and with the right setup, this can outperform all of the others on the list. Power saving features are impressive, with the mechanics setup to use as little power as possible even while operating at full capacity. There is a lifetime warranty on the exterior elements and a 3 year warranty on the electronics. That is a pretty good warranty to fall back on should anything go wrong, although it’s doubtful with the superior way they built this unit. There is nothing fancy about it, but the JetStream 270 is still the best industrial water cooler you can purchase.

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Window VS Portable

There are two different kinds of units represented in this industrial cooler list. One is the big one that can be wheeled around, this is your traditional industrial unit. It covers a larger area and puts out a ton of power. The second is a window unit with no wheels, and instead of in a stationary position you put it in the window. These are usually found in homes, with the larger industrial coolers having a lot more fine-tuned features.

If the area you want to cool is less than 1,000 square feet, then using a window unit is a good option. They are cheaper, have better controls and are naturally quieter than larger units. The downside is of course they take longer to cool an area, and that area is a lot smaller. With portable industrial coolers you get a powerhouse on wheels that can cool any sized area. They also have their own reservoir or a garden hose hookup, perfect for getting that extra oomph in the cooling cycles. There is nothing like a cooling mist compared to regular cool air, which is something that you can tell the difference between immediately.

Since every building is different in the way it is set up, space is going to be the major decider in what makes a better choice between a window and portable unit. Some business may even have limited budgets and will have to go big early so they don’t have to make a separate purchase in the future. And some space restricted businesses will have no choice but to go for the smaller window unit in order to save space. One of the saving graces of portable units is that even with their extra power, they are usually pretty energy efficient-even when compared to window models.

Can You Cheat With The Coverage?

There are plenty of businesses that buy a unit rated for X amount of square feet and then use it for double the coverage. Yes, it is possible to cool double the amounts that are listed in the features. And no, you won’t break the unit as a result. The reason this isn’t advised is due to the extra power consumption of meeting the extra demands. So your unit which was pretty good on electricity before is now working overtime to meet the higher demands. As a result of operating at 100% workload to cool an area, it will end up eating more electricity than expected. Buyers don’t worry about this cost since it isn’t money upfront, and it allows them to allocate it to other resources.

But a few times of overusing a smaller industrial cooler for a larger job will have you paying out of pocket for the electrical cost of a machine always playing catch up. High end units have protection built in to keep them from overheating, so once again the unit won’t be damaged by using it this way. That may very well turn out to be the deterrent to keep customers from overtaxing smaller units, since they are protected from permanent damage. Take the time to look at what your unit is rated for and you’ll find a few extra dollars isn’t worth shooting up your electric bill to save money upfront on the purchase.


They’re definitely a leading brand in the industry, and may very well be the best. They made the list several times for a reason, with all of their products bringing something special to the table. Because their units are quality, it’s hard to find them at a low price. In general it is hard to find any industrial cooler at a low price, with some exceptions being made to lower tier units. Portacool is a high end industrial cooler maker, with none of their parts qualifying as cheap. Such great care to the materials is worth paying a little more, and if for some reason something goes wrong their warranty service is top notch.

When looking at the other brands on the list, you’ll notice that they all try something different. Portacool is one of the few makers of industrial coolers that (for the most part) sticks to traditional cooling units, with nothing fancy. All of their models are customer friendly, and can be picked up without even looking at the manual. That is exactly the type of service most companies are looking for, mainly companies that are replacing an old cooler and don’t have time to fool around with a new one. The plug and go mentality of Portacool is what makes them so great, with reliability being another benefit.

Reservoir Size

Industrial coolers come with a preset reservoir that you can put water into. This adds a cooling mist to the usual effects, and can really help to get the temperature down fast. For ease of use there is also a hose attachment so you can pull water straight from the source. There is no wrong answer with this one, and customers will get equal benefits from both. The only difference with the reservoir is that you can put in extra cold water, and it is limited. Not every place an industrial cooler is used in will have access to a water hose, and that is where the reservoir shines.

Both offer ease of use and a special enhancement to the normal cooling, but it is important to remember that they are both optional. Even without water, an industrial cooler has enough power to cool off a large area. Buyers that find the mist to be the best feature will want to settle on the hose attachment unless the cooler they purchase has a large reservoir. Five gallons can run out pretty quick during a full day, even if a minimal amount of water is being used.


With all the types of industrial coolers available you’ll have no trouble making an educated guess on which will help you out. Pay attention to optional functions like Wi-Fi or reservoir size so that you’re not missing out on any killer features. Customers that find themselves in a bind and can’t decide can always opt to go for the safe choice with a Portacool model. They make some of the best industrial coolers in the industry, and any choice is a good choice from their catalog.