LG has the home appliance field in the palm of their hands, and it has been that way for years. They dominate a lot of electronic top tens, and their flagship phone is a direct challenger to the iPhone. When it comes to portable air conditioners, they have the same strength, with an incredible eye for design. Owning an LG product is always a safe bet when it comes to overall quality. They are one of the big brands that continue to bring innovation, even with other brands closely following.

LG Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

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12,000 BTU 115V Portable Air Conditioner

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Available for a high price, this 12,000 BTU air conditioner can handle a room up to 400 square feet. It shuts off and turns on quick, and the power is high for the amount of space it covers. The dehumidification feature handles well and takes up to 1.2 pints an hour when in operation. You’ll find this the most useful when operating in energy saver mode, which will save both time and money. With an all-black exterior, it can be placed in any room without clashing with the furniture. The remote is simpler than it looks, and should be familiar to anyone that owns an LG television. This is how to make a remote that is worth the money, with it being fully functional and near perfect.

Installation of the unit is straightforward so that even beginning users can have it up and running in no time. Some of the advanced features of the conditioner include the oscillating air vent and preventive over-cooling. Even if you have it at max load, the temperature will stay at a comfortable level rather than freeze you out of your home. For businesses users, the setup follows the same simplicity, with a lot of offices pairing well with the all-black unit. This is also one of the lightest portable air conditioners in its power class, giving it a very slight edge if you need to place it somewhere specific.

At only 61.7 pounds, it really won’t be a burden to move daily. You won’t have to drain the unit often, even during the summer months where it will be running continuously. LG did an excellent job of making it a smooth operating unit that needs little to no attention at all for daily functions. For buyers that tend to run their units more than normal, there is an optional hookup for a water hose. Great looking and compact, this is the type of air conditioner you would expect from LG.

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LG Electronics LP0814WNR 115-volt Portable Air Conditioner

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Second on the list is the LP0814WNR, a low power portable air conditioner that has more uses than you may expect. The price is high, but what customers are paying for is an air conditioner that can save money over the long run. The power is respectable, and it can cool 200 square feet quickly while also collecting up to 2 pints an hour with the dehumidification function. For average to small rooms, this will do just fine, with the unit being pushed to the limit when you move to medium and larger areas. Using a LED display panel with easy to use buttons you can thoroughly enjoy the two cooling and fan speeds.

When compared to more powerful portable air conditioners, you’ll notice that it is missing a medium setting for the cooling and fan speeds. This isn’t a deal breaker, as the low and high settings pretty much cover whatever you need in the current environment. In homes that have poor power structures, this is the perfect model to get. Besides consuming low power, it automatically restarts with the last saved settings once the power comes back after a blackout. Weighing only 47.6 pounds, you’ll be hard pressed to find a portable air conditioner that is this easy to transport. The included wheels are smooth on floor surfaces and even work well over carpeted areas.

As usual, the remote control from LG is second to none, with this particular version being a minimalistic take on their normal power remotes. Even with its simplistic remote, you can still manage 100% of the functions of the unit without visiting its lengthy front panel. The only complaint about the unit comes down to the noise factor, which isn’t bad but noticeable on the high levels. In rooms with weird acoustics customers will notice, but in regular rooms, it won’t be a problem at all. This is the best low power air conditioner from LG, making it a great fit for any home.

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LG 10,000 BTU 115V Portable Air Conditioner

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The second to last LG model on the list provides a comfortable middle ground between power and energy efficiency. At a high 10,000 BTU, users can take full advantage of the 300 square feet of cooling. It is a bump up from the 8,000 BTU models and should be able to handle up to a medium sized room if needed. The dehumidification functions follow a similar protocol in usefulness, taking care of 2.45 pints per hour when in use. That separates this unit from the rest of the pack in the same BTU range is their inclusion of an LCD remote control.

This is the best remote on the list, even with the first LG on the list having a similar style. It is informative, easy to use and best of all feels right in your hands. If you don’t want to use the remote control, then the Led display will give you all of the relevant information you need to run the unit 24/7. The only disappointing part of this model is that it still adheres to a two fan speed/cooling setting, missing out on the medium function of other models.

It’s a small trade off considering that the price of this model is average to high. In the current market, this is one of the best deals you’ll get for your money. Unlike the last example, the noise level is consistently low even when dealing with its highest settings. It has a rated dBA of 52 for indoor and outdoor use. Amazingly, this model only weighs 59 pounds when it is taken out of the box. With the included window install kit and hose, you’ll have a hard time finding a better deal than this from LG.

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LG Electronics LP1414GXR 115-volt Portable Air Conditioner

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Last on the list is the most powerful from the LG lineup, the LP1414GXR with a strong 14,000 BTU backing up its performance. As the strongest that they offer for the home market, being able to cover a full 600 square feet also places it in the popular business category if needed. This is the portable air conditioner you want for your offices and even some warehouse spaces. The dehumidification feature is also equally impressive, and it takes up to 3.4 pints per hour.

That’s higher than any other air conditioner on the list and is a leading stat for LG as a brand. There is nothing about this model that’s stripped down, and its three fan and cooling speeds provide good variation when you want to adjust temperatures. The design is simple, and the LCD remote and LED display panel are robust with features. All of this comes at an average high price point, putting it in very elite status even outside of LG’s branding.

An included washable mesh filter will keep the machine humming along nicely for years with little maintenance. A window installation kit is included, and if space is limited where you’re going to install, the front air discharge is a great feature to use. For a 14,000 BTU unit, the weight isn’t half bad at 71.7 pounds. You’ll still get the maneuverability of a small unit with the power of a larger one, so it is an even tradeoff. Once you get the settings where you want, this is the best choice for any setup, home or professional.

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Founded over 70 years ago, LG has been an incredible leader in the electronics, telecom, and chemical markets. Koo In-hwoi was the founder and helped to guide the company in the current successful path it has been on. LG has been tied to Royal Philips Electronics and Nortel Networks, with the latter leading to LG-Nortel Co. Ltd. The electronics branch of the LG company is responsible for the great air conditioners on the list, and have often incorporated features from their other devices into their portable air conditioners.

That’s why their remote controls are so much more advanced than the competition for something like an air conditioner, and it is also why they can afford to try new things with their flagship air conditioning products. Since they started releasing smart appliances in 2014, air conditioners have long been on the list of the many waiting for an upgrade. Once fully integrated, customers will be able to send messages to their machines while away from it to perform all functions.

Power Differences

A big argument concerning LG portable air conditioners is the amount of BTU’s they offer in their lineup. LG is one of the few companies that offers low BTU models that have similar features to their high BTU cousins. When looking at their entire lineup, LG is more suited for home use rather than professional or warehouse use. Their strongest product is the exception, but most of LG’s offerings with portable air conditioners are average in power by industry standards. When doing a side by side comparison of a 10,000 BTU LG model by a competitor, the LG more covers less square feet per BTU. Now, this could be that LG provides more accurate stats when doing tests about their products, so the lines are a little blurry on whether their options are weaker than the competition out of the box.


The shining star that is associated with buying an LG product is the remote control, which usually has an LCD screen on it. This makes using the remote a lot easier for some people and allows for seamless integration of advanced controls. With the implementation of the screen, LG also familiarized customers with the most commonly used functions. In the long run, that means you’ll learn the remote control faster than you would other remote controls. Clients who set up schedules for their air conditioners will find this the most useful. And if extra help is needed, the included manual can act as a hand-holding guide. All of their air conditioners come with full featured remotes, so there are no worries about getting a remote that is missing essential features to program the product.

Why Are LG Prices Lower?

This question touches upon the previous one about the power differences between LG air conditioners and competing products. LG can consistently provide lower prices while offering an excellent product, which is something that may baffle the average consumer. If you go with the narrative that their products are slightly underpowered, then it would make sense that their prices are lower. However, if you believe their products aren’t underpowered, then LG by default becomes the absolute best value on the market. That’s nothing new for the brand and is something they have been doing for years. Even if you decide to go with LG, remember that they are at their best in home use situations.


LG has the hands down best warranty in the business, with customer support lines to back it up. If you have any problems with their products, it won’t be a hassle with getting it fixed. They are also one of the few companies to offer an ‘agentless’ warranty submission form. You can start the process without contacting anyone, or without anyone having to communicate with you.


Buying into a trusted brand like LG when you need a home portable air conditioner is easy. They have the track record to get the job done on every level. As long as you know the square footage you need to calm, picking the correct choice is all about math.