Times have changed and it is no longer good enough to just cool a bedroom. Portable air conditioners for the bedroom have to be workhorses that get the job done fast and without sucking up too much power. There is a large industry based on these innovative machines and it will only continue to get larger as more demanding specifications begin to surface. A good portable air conditioner will last years under heavy use, so you’ll get your money’s worth within the first year of purchasing one.

Portable Air Conditioner Reviews for Bedrooms

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Titan TT-ACP10C01 10000btu Portable Air Conditioner

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The TT-ACP101C01 sports some great features if you’re looking for a portable air condition with some pep behind it. It has four operational modes so that you can pick and choose which is best for the current situation. The modes are auto, dehumidify, cool and fan. The most equipped mode is fan since it comes with three adjustable speeds. From the lowest to the highest settings it’s pretty quiet, making it perfect for the bedroom. To fully take advantage of the power of the unit, you don’t want to put it in a room bigger than 350 square ft, which is what it’s rated for.

Going beyond that is possible, but would end up running the unit more, thus using more power and shortening the lifespan of the conditioner. Another good feature about the unit is that since it is portable, buyers won’t have to install it as a permanent unit. You can move it to any room in the house as long as it meets the space requirements. Accessories include a remote control, and premier features include a 24 hour programmable timer. The refrigerant type used is R410A, so nothing out of the ordinary. Purchasable at a high price, this is a safe bet for customers of all experience levels.

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DELLA 048-GM-48266

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The hard to find DELLA 048-GM-48266 is one of the better choices on the list for buyers that want something with simple controls. There is a little more power in this unit than the previously listed ones, with a lot of focus being put on the window kit and exhaust hoses that are included. They are high quality and will require very little upkeep in a friendly environment. The LCD screen is big enough to make sense out of the functions, but is nothing too special.

It simply serves as a display to some of the more vital functions of the air conditioner. In some ways it is underused, but then again there aren’t a lot of features of this air condition that can really take advantage of the screen to warrant more inclusion. The price is high, but nothing out of the ordinary for its class. All levels of users should be comfortable operating it thanks to the easy function remote control. With adjustments that don’t get too crazy, most customers will get comfortable with the unit within a couple of days.

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SPT WA-8088E 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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The powerhouse WA-8088E BTU aims to be one of the most powerful models in the industry. The high priced conditioner spares no expense in using its 8,000 Btu cooling power to take over an area. Within a few minutes in a room you’ll notice a major difference in temperature. And customers don’t have to worry about water damage to their floors since the unit has a built in self-evaporating system. Over the course of a couple of hours of high performance usage there will be a big difference in the area when comparing to similarly sized products.

Like most of the other units on the list this one comes with a remote control, only this time there are a couple of extra functions. Nothing too fancy, and it fits in with the theme of the informative LCD screen. With either the customer can use the open ended programmable timer or several power options. Customers that want a portable cooler that can handle larger rooms will get the most use out of this product, especially if time to cool is one of their priority buying points. This is a very capable unit that offers a large amount of options for customers with different sized rooms, so they should good look at it.

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Options are the strength of this portable air conditioner for bedrooms, with all of the units settling on a high price. Available options are based on BTU with the same features other than power. There are 8,000, 10,000, 14,000 and even a combo heater/cooler unit. That unit functions at 14,000 BTU cooling and 11,000 BTU heating, so is a considerably powerful model. It has the rare distinction from a lot of the other choices on the list by having power cooling and heating all in one portable model.

All of the different versions of the unit enjoy a range of controls from timers, power ranges and modes for different types of rooms. The best mode for bedrooms is sleep mode, allowing it to be fully configurable based on the setting. When cleaning is needed, the filter slides right out and can be rinsed pretty easily. Due to the extra work with the filter, this model is recommended for intermediate to advanced users. As long as a customer gets into the routine of minor upkeep, this is a highly recommended unit and one of the better choices on the list.

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DeLonghi America 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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As the most expensive portable cooler on the list, it comes as no surprise that a lot of work went into making this one of the best. The powerful 14,000 BTU frame will cool any bedroom with no trouble and can covers rooms up to an amazing 550 square feet. That’s one of the highest in the industry and for a lot of rooms gives enough power to spare. But what separates this unit from the rest of the pack is that it also functions as a dehumidifier. And this wasn’t just a tacked on feature, but one that really compares well to stand alone dehumidifiers.

It removes up to 84 pints a day of humidity, and with the durable castor wheels it can go anywhere outside of the bedroom with little trouble. As soon as you open the box it is ready to go, and setting it up anywhere is painless because of the tool free installation. This is the most suitable unit for customers that want the best available. With the included remote, only a few other options on the list even come close to challenging it.

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Honeywell MN10CESWW 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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Joining the rest of the high priced portable air conditioners is another high priced model, none other than the MN10VESWW from Honeywell. The model will be familiar to anyone that has stayed at some name brand hotels, and it is available in white, black or a black/silver combo. With the ability to push out 10,000 BTU’s with little effort, the energy saving features alone are worth the purchase. Coverage caps out at 350 square feet so it is a solid performer in larger bedrooms.

The clear LCD display has the best touch control features of any model, so there is no need for a remote control. No filter work is needed since the unit uses an auto evaporation system to get rid of water. It’s a self-sufficient unit that works in the background without you having to worry about breakage, overheating or cleaning. And if the touch controls aren’t to your liking, it comes with a very intuitive remote control and a robust manual. Everything needed is on the first few pages of the uncomplicated book, so should be perfect for new users. With the right environment this could be the best portable air conditioner in the industry.

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Haier HPND14XCP 13500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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The award for the best looking high priced portable air conditioner on the list goes to the HPND14XCP. There is also a chance it could be the most advanced since it comes with a full function remote control. Buyers will be able to control three different fan speeds to get the cooling effects they desire. Like other high end models, a dehumidifier is built into the unit so that it can suck the moisture out of the room. But the most impressive thing about this unit is that it can cool rooms up to 600 square feet. That is a massive amount of coverage for such a small portable air conditioner.

Using it in any bedroom won’t be a problem as it is sure to meet all of the high demands. It also has the most intuitive LCD panel that shows current temps, programs and other important options all on an easy to read screen. With a lot of people complimenting the way it handles large rooms, this may be the go to choice if you need large areas cooled down. Consider this the best purchase for multiple large areas in a home.

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Honeywell HL12CESWG HL Series

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The HL series has been a go to model for a lot of happy homeowners that needed a bedroom air conditioner. Specifically the HL12CESWG was made to be light and small, taking up as little space as possible. This high priced unit is stylish and available in white/gray, white/black, white/blue and white/white. It’s enough variety to make the decision of placement a little easier if you’re putting it into a bedroom with a set color theme. When the time comes to depend on it to cool, you won’t be disappointed since it is a 12,000 BTU beast that can cover up to 450 square feet.

There are stronger models on the list, but the HL series was built to be efficient. A dehumidifier is built in and does an admirable job with its continuous drain system. Up to 86 pints of moisture can be removed per day with this system, and it could very well be your main cooler/dehumidifier combo for the entire home. Inside and outside of the bedroom this is a great choice for customers that need a trusted unit from a great company.

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Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

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Last on the list is the trusty ARC-14S, a portable air conditioner that’s high priced but worth it for large bedrooms. It’s available in an all-black model and a platinum and black/black version. Choosing any color variation is fine since they’re all neutral colors and won’t clash with a fancy bedroom. Like some of the others on the list, a dehumidifier is built in and is the most powerful one yet. It gets rid of an incredible 101 pints per day, and skilled users can use the window kit or hoses to fully take advantage of this double duty conditioner.

There are three main operational modes, with the often used fan having its own set of options. Overall the unit is good on power, and comes with a remote control, pre-filter and descriptive manual. This is the most balanced air conditioner on the list, with no features missing that customers would deem important. With a 14,000 Btus capacity, no bedroom will go without cool air as long as this unit is running. Because of some of the advanced setup features, this may not be the best unit for beginners. But for every other customer, there are few units that can stand up to the ARC-14S.

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Shinco USA SPAZ10W-10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The high price of this Shinco model shouldn’t turn away customers since it is one of the best on the list. Starting with the brand new condensate self- evaporating design, the advancements made to the original model are incredible. Usage will determine how well the power savings work with this design, but ultimately it is built to save energy. One of the key benefits to this is that it always sounds like it is running in low power mode. Even at the highest setting it is significantly quieter than other models.

Built in universal caster wheels let customers move it anywhere in the house that can accommodate its space saving design. And if there are any problems with the unit there is a reliable self-diagnosis function that works better than 40% of other competing products. It’s the most hassle free choice on the list and protects itself enough to last for years. With low upkeep, power usage and learning curves, this is a formidable choice and may be the best available in the industry. In less than an hour it will make a big difference in whatever setting you decide to deploy it in.

Are The Built In Dehumidifiers Worth It?

Dehumidifiers suck the moisture out of the air and can help with allergies. Usually the ones built into air conditioners are cheap, and serve no other purpose than to raise the overall cost of the unit. That is why this list is only comprised of portable air conditioners that take full advantage of the technology. Any of the built in dehumidifiers on the list can rival standalone versions. That is a big advantage and keeps you from having to purchase two separate machines, or better yet it keeps you from having to maintain two completely different products. With some bedroom spaces being limited, not having to purchase two separate units is a big space saver. So for customers that already have a dedicated dehumidifier in the room, feel safe in knowing that any of these listed units can completely replace it.

Power Saving Features

All of the listed units have excellent power saving features, but here is a little secret; they’re useless at saving power if the customer doesn’t set them correctly. It doesn’t matter how great the power saving features are if you run a portable air conditioner 24/7. All of the units have easy to use programmable timers, making them perfect for setting up specific zones during daytime or nighttime to run at full capacity. Once it is set, no further user intervention is required. Setting up a portable air condition is not hard as long as you glance at the manual. And in some cases, the set up instructions aren’t even required.

What Should You Look For?

Looking at how much room a portable air conditioner will cool should be a top priority. Try not to choose a model that is incompatible with your current size requirements. Using a weaker model in a larger room could result in some pretty unpleasant energy bills, and possibly unit failure. The next thing to consider is whether you want a unit with a built in dehumidifier. If it isn’t important, then shave off a couple of bucks and purchase a portable air conditioner without the extras. But remember, you can’t add a dehumidifier to one later.


There are some great choices on the list that should please a lot of customers looking for bedroom air conditioning. Not only are the units portable, they are also great to have in a home where energy savings is a must.