After conducting various researchers, findings have indicated that Whynter products are relatively budget friendly and the most eco-friendly portable air conditioners on the market. By now, most people can relate to how a portable air conditioner looks like and how it functions.

Moreover, they have appreciated how it helps them to manage harsh hot and cold weather conditions throughout the year. Settling on a particular brand solely depends on how they are about to execute their services and to maintain a green living.

Certain products often rely on your ability to measure the size of the room in proportion to the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. Just in case you have settled on Whynter portable air conditioners as your top brand, here is what you need to expect;

Whynter Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

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Whynter 14,000 BTU dual hose portable air conditioner with storage bag

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Whynter ARC-14S is an ideal and powerful dual hose portable air conditioner with 14,000 BTUs of cooling effect. It is specially designed to provide cooling effect especially in the warm spots in your home or office. When you take a look at the features, you will understand the logic behind its cooling and dehumidifying effects. Unlike its competitors, the dual hose unit works by cooling the room faster than any other portable device.  Its self-evaporating skills enable it to recycle impure moisture whenever the cooling process is in progress even in extreme heat conditions. After that, it converts this moisture into the cool air which is directly felt by occupants in that particular room.

It is the best option for you especially if you value the essence of eco-friendliness. Not only does it consume less power of 1250 Watts/ 10.8 Amp, but it also makes the most out the little that it acquires. Also, it has CFC refrigerant and lead-free technology that ensures that you do not harm the environment either directly or indirectly.  You can take advantage of the programmable timer on the full thermostat and remote control to operate it.

This means that it can only work whenever there are occupants in the room without causing disturbances to users through the noise. Once you leave, the house, it automatically turns off completely to minimize on power wastage. The collection bag is used to gather dust and other impurities coming from the carbon air filter. The washable filter also enables you to clean it after enough has been accumulated. In fact, it is one of the best options for people that want value for their money.

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Whynter 12,000 BTU platinum (ARC-12S)

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This particular type of Whynter ARC-12C maximizes on its 12,000 BTU cooling capacity to facilitate a favorable atmosphere for people experiencing the summer effect. It often works by allowing warm, humid moisture into the equipment. As a result, a breath of cool and pure air is experienced in a room measuring up to 400 in square feet. It is one of the ideal options for people that occupy homes, server rooms, a garages, workshops or rooms that require these privileges.

It is if fitted with multi-directional casters that enable the user too wheel it in between the rooms without tampering with it. Accompanied by efficient kits, its installation procedure is as easy as indicated in the manual. In fact, it can fit a standard window that measures up to 49 inches. If you happen to stay in a residential house and are considering to move at any time, this is the best non-permanent option for you. Unlike its competitors, this particular type can be customized to fit your personality. You can remodel it into any shape and size that you want.

Its maximum power consumption ranges between 1170W and 1040W. This is considerably beneficial for people that want to use little power to cool air. It is advisable to consider buying this product even though its price may deceive you into doubting its efficiency. It is better to spend less on a device that offers you a little more. In the end, you will reap more out of it since the features are to die for.

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Whynter ARC-101CW Cool size 10,000 BTU compact portable air conditioner

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The exquisite WhynterARC-101CW portable air conditioners are one of the leading options for customers with a particular liking for this brand but have limited funds. With a cooling capacity of 10,000 BTUs, it can work well in homes, server rooms, offices, and workshops measuring up to 300 square feet. Its auto drain technology enables the accumulated impurities to be recycled resulting in a pure cool air. The inflow of air is regulated courtesy of some features that the product boasts of.

If you are the type of person that values the well-being of your child, then this is the product to go for. Its climate controlled system ensures that the cooled air does not interfere with their health. Inhaling foul air is no longer an issue. In fact, most kindergarten or any other public room that accommodates children has more to gain from using this particular air conditioner. Its ability to get rid of any excess humidity guarantees cool air throughout the year.

In case you experience a power outage, then you need not worry. This is the type of equipment that automatically restarts once the power is back on. It recovers using the previous settings to continue providing cooling effect at a reasonable price. You have more to gain just by including the air conditioner in your room since it caters for all your needs. It is specially designed for people that are focusing on realizing the benefits rather than dwelling on the price of the product. It creates hope for people that are experiencing tempting situations related to extreme heat.

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Whynter 12,000 BTU dual hose portable air conditioner frost white

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One of the most notable features that Whynter ARC-12SD air conditioner possesses is the sleek frost white look. You do not need to take a second look to remove all the doubts you may be having concerning its efficiency. A cooling capacity of 10,000 BTUs is all that room that has a window measuring between 46 inches and 20 inches in length.

Its Chinese technology ensures that it uses minimum energy to provide a cooling effect to users. Its weight of 95 pounds and larger size justifies its ability to dispense all that energy in a spacious room. In fact, the self-evaporative system works by getting rid of all toxic wastes that are accumulated in the carbon filter. In the case of a power outage, the machine is programmed to maintain its initial settings until the situation is corrected.

Once the power is restored, it continues to operate through the restored settings. Therefore, you do not have to come back to a stuffy room just because the power went off. The 24-hour programmable timer is used to control the room temperature at night without producing deafening noises. In the hierarchy, it is considerably more expensive that the rest. Only when you start using it is when you will notice the positive effects it has on you.

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Whynter ARC-142BX 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner

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The significant difference between Whynter ARC-142BX and the other products is the separation of the dehumidifying component. The user has an option of turning it on only when he/she requires to use it. To keep the air more purified, an activated carbon filter has been included in the product. The brains behind its brilliant manufacturer probably had a room measuring up to 500 square feet in mind. It is the most compelling option for rooms that measure that much owing to the 14,000 BTU cooling capacity.

You will need a 24-hour gadget that automatically restarts itself whenever occupants are in that particular room it is trying to cool. It can shut itself in the case of a power outage. After that, it can resume from normal setting once the power is restored. Once you have installed the non-ozone depleting device, you can continue to enjoy its use despite consuming only 1480W of power.

Also, the washable carbon filter is used to ensure that only clean air is felt in the room. Aside from the benefits of cost and efficiency, it is relatively easy to install and use. The instruction manuals will guide you on how to clean it so that it can continue to function effectively. Its CFC free refrigerant and the lead-free settings are included for purposes of maintaining a clean environment.

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Whynter 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The Whynter ARC-10WB is an ideal option for a spacious house, server room or office measuring up to 300 square foot. It boasts of a 10,000 BTU cooling unit that ensures that you get to enjoy both cooling and dehumidifying effects throughout the year. Its CFC free Green R-410A refrigerant attributes allow it to minimize power consumption while making the most out of the little it consumes and produces little noise. The sleek mobile structure enables you to install it in a small space in your room.

The self-auto evaporation design allows it to convert moisture into the cool air. The auto restart feature works by executing its standard functions from the previous settings as displayed on the 24hr timer. This means that you do not need to get into the room to set it on or off. The carbon filter is fitted with an anti-bacterial silver appliance that allows it to clean it at any particular time.

On top of that, the exhaust hose facilitates easy cleaning process and normal functioning of activities. Weighing only 64 pounds, the customer can comfortably move it around the room in case they want to install or uninstall it without requiring technical expertise. Most people prefer this particular brand over the Whynter ARC-14S since it can execute all those functions at an affordable price.


All the Whynter products have met all the specifications where eco-friendliness is concerned. They have gone through all the relevant manufacture and distribution procedures to justify their efficiency. People who value green living have more to gain just by installing products bearing this trade name. Low energy consumption does not mean that they are not able to execute their normal functions.

In fact, they make the most of the little energy they consume. The prices are tailored to meet the needs of customers from all walks of life. People do not need to shy away from buying them just because some of them are not pocket-friendly. The final cost is always used to justify the expenses incurred when manufacturing it. As a customer always take advantage of the warranty provisions to state your complaints.  In the long run, the long-term effects can only be felt by people who are willing to try them out.