Portable Air Conditioners under $300

Air conditioners are a breath of fresh air to anyone living in hot climates. A lot of people simply can’t just function without them. Initially, the first air conditioner was designed on the principle of passing warm air over water-cooled coils. It may seem a bit complex, but it’s a simple process;

Portable Air Conditioners Under $1000

If you are looking for a powerful, convenient and new air conditioner that cost less than $1000, then we have what you need. The air conditioners below are ideal for providing the right temperature in your space, whether it’s your office, house, basement and so on. Some of these air conditioners are

Portable Air Conditioners Under $500

Any person that would like to balance the atmosphere in his/her place must probably have an ordinary fan in mind. Think of it this way; you must have gotten fed up with the way it works. Not only are you subjected to the annoying sounds produced by the machine, but they can