Dimplex as a company tried their hand at air conditioners after becoming known for their heating products. The result was a smashing success in technology, but moreover an understanding of what the average consumer is looking for in a portable air conditioner.

Their record of sales speaks for itself, as they have continually surprised customers with the user friendliness of the DXAC12000. Currently their flagship model in portable air conditioning, there is a good chance that it will be the focus of their next air conditioner model when it comes out. This is a solid foundation, and the only thing they need to do is improve on the small list of cons with the first one.

Dimplex DXAC12000 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit

The most surprising thing about this unit is that it doesn’t have a heating function. Dimplex is one of the most popular heating companies in the world, so not including that feature in this high priced unit was a small oversight. But other than that, it does everything right out of the box. It is a powerful 12000 BTU cooler with a built in dehumidifier, and it can hold up to 50 liters of water. The sound is whisper silent, and the only time customers will even notice it running is when it’s turned to the highest setting.

Like all portable air conditioners of this type, the auto setting is the best once you adjust temperature controls. Using the full feature remote control or the front panel will do the trick. There is nothing new in its design (or approach) that will confuse users, so it is a good choice for all levels of buyers that need to chill a small or medium sized area. So why not large sized?

While the 12000 BTU is powerful, it still lacks the extra oomph of competing for air conditioners with similar respects. This could be due to its superior power saving capabilities, or possible for intents of keeping the sound low. Whatever the reason was, although it cools larger rooms, it doesn’t do it as efficiently as small and medium sized rooms. The wheels are great for rolling it around, and low weight makes it less of a pain to carry up the stairs. For the average sized house or office, this does a fantastic job of keeping the temperature at an expected level. Even without the heating function, this is an excellent addition to the Dimplex lineup.


Dimplex is a leader in electronic heating, providing products for residential, industrial and commercial customers across the world. When it comes to their abilities as a portable air conditioner provider, they are developing a similar reputation across the board. Their products are easy to use, and most of all they have surpassed 3 billion dollars in sales from all of their appliances.

A huge chunk of those sales was dedicated to the heaters, with a respectable amount being contributed by the air conditioners. Dimplex is an Ireland-based company that does a lot of business in the UK while still dedicating reliable resources to the US market. With the creation of the DXAC12000, there is a good chance they will stand toe to toe with some of the bigger American brands in the industry. Brand loyalty is high, and the company has done a good job marketing new appliances to its customer base. The popularity of their first air conditioner is small, but steadily growing each year.


The size is about average for an air conditioner, so nothing too out of the ordinary. The wheels prop it up an extra inch, so the size is a little different from traditional portable air conditioners. It’s not big nor small, and can fit anywhere you need it to go.

The average size is a big help when it is used for cooling down RV’s while traveling. When it needs to be stored, buyers can roll it into position and not worry about taking too much closet space. If there is a small complaint about the size, it has to do with how they could have lowered it an inch by not having the standing wheels. This is something that will be talked about more in the design section, but shouldn’t be considered a deal breaker. It is a minor inconvenience that can be worked around if there is someone skilled enough in the household.


There are four small wheels at the bottom of this standing unit, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing. On the plus side, it rolls smoothly and effortlessly across any leveled floor. The wheels are high quality and aren’t slippery when the unit is stationary. On the bad side, it adds an extra inch to the height of the portable air conditioner.

This may seem minuscule, yet there are some situations where this can affect storage or long term placement of the unit. The wheels are also small, so if the surface it is being rolled across is less than ideal, then it will drag a bit. This includes carpet, a surface these small wheels hate. Since the unit is light in weight, customers can opt to take off the wheels temporarily or permanently.

It’s all about what the customer wants to achieve, and if they have the necessary tools in the house. Beyond the wheel design, the DXAC12000 is surprisingly modern looking. There are great mixes of silver/white/black throughout the design, and it looks good in any setting. When the control panel is active, the entire conditioner is nice to look at.


Finding a portable air conditioner with a great fully functional remote control is hard. Dimplex nailed it right out of the gate with this model, and users can fully control all features of the unit from a distance. The range is great even when things are in the way, and batteries last a long time if they are branded.

With the included dehumidifier, the 50 liters is generous but nothing that can be considered a killer feature. It’s a nice to have feature, but one that the unit could have done without. The way that it works isn’t complicated, and it helps out the air when the entire unit is left running for a few hours.

Using a no hassle dehumidifying mode was a smart idea from the start and gets Dimplex extra points by interested buyers. A noise level of only 56dB deserves special mention as an underrated feature of this model. Buyers won’t get a lot of noise from it, which only enhances its usefulness beyond a home setting.

Inside Capabilities

The size and low noise of the product make it ideal for home situations. For small to medium sized rooms, the 12000 BTU is perfect for cooling it fast and without using too much power. In a living room (or similarly sized area) it will take longer to cool, and isn’t recommended. There is nothing wrong with using it in larger rooms, but it won’t be as efficient in the process.

This takeaway might scare away customers in larger homes, or customers that plan to use it outside of their RV. By keeping the coverage area limitations of this unit in mind, buyers won’t run into any issues with the unit taking too long to reach the desired temperature. It’s still a good value at a price and can hold its own when put in the correct position.

Outside Capabilities

While more powerful portable air conditioners can do a good job in managing specific areas outside, that isn’t one of the strengths of this Dimplex model. Using it outside won’t give the best results, just like its inside functions in larger rooms fall short of what is expected. A more powerful 14000 BTU portable air conditioner with directional wind would be the better option.

If Dimplex comes out with such a model, it will cover up all of the cons of the current one. The DXAC12000 is not meant for the outside, nor will the current build be able to keep up with the temperature demands in an outside setting. In a semi-enclosed outside setting like a covered patio, it may fair well if positioned correctly. That is something to keep in mind, and it also shows that it’s possible to have this as an outside portable air conditioner if necessary.

Customer Support

Dimplex has great customer support, even when outside of their home region. Their North American support is just as competent as their UK support. No matter what number a customer calls, they will be routed to the usual call center. All representatives have proven to be knowledgeable, eloquent and quick to handle problems if they arise. American customers that are worried about warranty issues can rest easy since Dimplex has a facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The company does an excellent job with worldwide claims and customer service, and best of all, they’re trustworthy. Very few people have complained about how the company handles their business, which is a good sign for first-time buyers. This applies to all products they sell and not just portable air conditioners.

How Does It Help Professionals?

A lot of offices use this model from Dimplex to keep their office clean, and it does an admirable job. In a busy office setting with multiple cubicles, it would be the wrong choice. But for a single office that is just the right size, this Dimplex model fits the bill perfectly. It also helps that it is stylish looking and fits with most business décor. The humidifying function is good enough, and overall it’s a nice, portable air conditioner that works as intended. Throw in the full function remote control, and it is the perfect companion for any small to the midsized office.

What Are The Benefits For Regular Customers?

Residential users will get a lot of use out of this model simply due to how well it travels around the house. It’s light, uses low power, and has a great overall design. Putting one of these in each room will give desirable results for families that want to save money on their electricity bill. The uncomplicated programming of the timer ensures that daily schedules can be set up, even by novice users of air conditioners.

When operating advanced features like the humidifier, nothing is too complicated that a quick read of the manual can’t solve. And once again, for outside spaces that have a semi-enclosed areas, it’s possible to use this air conditioner if it is positioned properly. The first time buyers open the box, they’ll be greeted with a very informative manual that goes into detail about the features of the unit. It’s very customer friendly and takes away the unknown elements of owning a Dimplex product for the first time.

Best Comparison

The model that matches the specifications of the DXAC12000 the closest is theEdgeStar Extreme Cool 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. It’s a little cheaper than the Dimplex model and has the same 12000 BTU power inside of its housing. Just like the Dimplex model, the 12000 doesn’t translate well to larger rooms or outside settings. With up to 90 pints a day being handled by the built-in dehumidifier handles more than the DXAC12000 in a single day.

And lastly, both of the portable air conditioners being compared have a great modern look that endears them to home and professional settings. Where the Dimplex model has Edgestar beat starts and ends with the power consumption and the remote control. These two features put the Dimplex model in a winning position even if the features of both units are closely matched.


Dimplex has dominated the heat market and is now trying to take a shot at the portable air conditioning industry. The DXAC12000 is a good start, with a great look and customer friendly controls. In a home or office setting, Dimplex provides an excellent product that can control the temperature at will- and it’s priced just right.