Dual hose portable air conditioners are more efficient than normal models. They bump up the cooling abilities to those found in more commercial grade coolers, and all without the added costs. Beyond the cooling upgrades there is also a lot of design, remote and window kit improvements. Customers that are considering upgrading from single hose units will find that there is a big enough difference to make the cost more than worth it. You’ll get immediate results from the upgrade, and for first time users the instructions for use are no more complicated than using a single hose unit.

Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

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Whynter 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

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The high price of this Whynter model is worth it thanks to a lot of efforts put into the dual hose design. Using 12,000 BTU cooling, there are few rooms that this conditioner can’t cool on its own. The components are lead free and overall the unit is very power efficient right out of the box. Buyers can either use the onboard controls or the remote to operate the unit, with the remote having all of the basic functions one would expect from a unit of this size.

There is nothing advanced in the remote functions that will throw off new users, yet there is enough control that any prioritized onboard operation can be inputted from the remote control itself. Included with the model are extendable exhaust and intake hoses which measure up to 60, so more than enough room for bigger areas. There is also a window kit that can handle up to 46 inches, with a minimum of 20 inches. When installing it in the window the process is more straightforward than with other products, so this is the one to go to for quick window installations. With the ability to cool room sup to 400 ft. in size, customers will be more than pleased with the performance of this model.

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Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

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If 14,000 BTU cooling isn’t enough to sell you on this product, then nothing will. This is another Whynter product that a lot of people have put their support behind, and in this case, it has more to do with the power and design. Using powerful components and a space saving design, the ARC-142MX is the premiere dual hose air conditioner to own if you want something high end. The price is high, but nothing out of the ordinary for a high end air conditioner.

In the bulk of environmental conditions the built in auto-drain feature will be fine on its own without you having to intervene. Condensation shouldn’t be a problem and will protect both the unit and the area it is put in from harmful bacterial effects. The three modes of operation are fan, dehumidifier and air conditioner. The dehumidifying functions are above average, and hold their own in rooms of 500 square feet or smaller. Using the built in 3M antimicrobial filter, customers will have a powerful unit that maintains itself. This is a worthy buy and suitable for all levels of users that need an air conditioner that takes care of itself.

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The Haier HPND14XHP is one of the most complete dual hose air conditioning systems on the list. Starting with the remote control, it really defines what a high end system should be. Without putting too many advanced features on the remote, Haier kept it simple but functional. This high priced unit benefits from having such a well thought out remote control because it has so many operational modes and custom actions. It can cool or heat a room up to 600 square ft., and the controls for both the heating and cooling functions are easy to grasp.

On the unit is a lot of information including digital time, temperature and function display. Using the built in 24 hour timer, customers can set up the conditioner to work in multiple modes at any time of the day. And along with all of these features is a pretty handy dehumidify mode that works well if the area isn’t too big. All of this comes in a lightweight package compared to most, and possibly the best remote control on the list. Buyers that want an all in one unit with the best control won’t have to look beyond the Haier HPND14XHP.

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13200 Btu Portable Air Conditioner

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Looking at this model by Movincool and comparing it to the rest of the industry gives some pretty interesting opinions. It is the most expensive air conditioner on the list, and also one of the most expensive air conditioners in the industry. Many swear by it, yet it’s clear that beginning users will have issues grasping the advanced features. This powerful piece of equipment is best used by intermediate and advanced users. The condensate tank capacity of 5 gallons blows away anything else on the list, and due to the amount of configurable options associated with the basic functions, this conditioner is also used in commercial areas.

Using the cETlus Cooling Method, entire rooms can be cooled within minutes after turning it on. There are two cooling speeds and the unit is built in with strong protection against surges, leaks and other mechanical malfunctions. Buyers that need a little slack with their hose will get 60 ft. out of the box and a power cord length of 10 ft. total. It’ll be up to the individual customer when they make the decision on whether they need this much power from a dual hose setup. For power alone, there isn’t any other conditioner on the list that comes close to this one.

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Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S)

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Last on the list another Whynter mode, the ARC-14S. It has similar features of the other models in their lineup, but excels both in looks and functionality. It can be used as an air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan. The air conditioner is at its best when used in a room size of a maximum of 500 square feet. Using a compact design with superior power saving features, it’s able to use 14,000 Btus to cool a room quickly. Due to the high cooling features, this model has been known to be used in server rooms where the temperature can idle warm.

Customers with an oddly shaped room can place this in prime positions to output the air in the direction it would be most useful. This is also handy for long or wide rooms, and it can be moved fast with four multidirectional casters. A window install kit comes with the unit, and just like all other Whynter products it’s a no hassle install and takedown. Once again this is another high priced product from their lineup, but a little bit less than the others on the list. Customers will get a good deal if this is the model they decide to choose from the Whynter lineup.

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Whynter is a big brand name for dual hose air conditioners, and has been around for quite a long time. They dominate the list because they make some of the more notable models for residential users. Their trademarks include multifunction remotes, top grade humidifying functions and easy to install window kits.

The window kits are especially useful in homes that have previously struggled to put one in. Whynter can be found in multiple places, even in brick and mortar stores surrounded by other top brands. As an industry leader, they have made it a point to innovate, yet they don’t go overboard with the extra features. A lot of their models are identical to one another save for one or two differences, mainly in Btu.

Can Residential Conditioners Be Used Commercially?

There are some single hose air conditioners that can be used commercially, so the answer is yes to dual hose air conditioners. Dual hose usually has higher output and was made to be a constant workhorse, perfect for the demanding nature of commercial areas. Buyers that are using air conditioners from this list with the built in dehumidifiers will be doubly pleased when they realize how great they work in humid environments. In server rooms they are really useful as the temperature is erratic with all of the computers in such close quarters. Maintaining the temperature of the environment is an important task since high heat could destroy data. The air conditioners on this list are not known for randomly failing, making them perfect to do the job.

Remote Functions

Positioning of your air conditioner will play a big part in how important the remote control is. All of the units listed come with remote controls, but how much control do you get from a hand unit compared to using the onboard controls? While some companies put only the essentials on the remote control, others give you extended functionality with the remotes that aren’t found on the control panel. The best kind of remote control is one that balances out core functions and advanced functions. Using the examples of the air conditioners on the list, you could have the unit in the corner of the room and have full operation of it from your bed. For window units this is especially useful when you want to operate it from across the room. Remotes use line of sight in order to reach the unit, so treat them like normal television remotes when trying to operate.

Power Consumption

Getting a dual hose unit will use more power than a single hose one, but not by much. These units are very power efficient and provide a bit more value if you’re looking to cool a larger area. This can be seen in situations where the circuit breaker in a house is particularly weak and you don’t want to run the local a/c. The much more power friendly dual hose unit can replace an a/c unit and only use a fraction of the power in smaller homes. Customers will notice an improvement on their electric bills immediately, and larger homes can even opt to give their a/c a rest rather than having it turn on randomly through the day. When customers get used to the timer functions it can operate just like a local a/c unit, and all without the extra power usage.

Using In Small Areas

There is no problem with using a dual hose air conditioner in a small area. The max square footage is stricter since going over it would overtax the unit and use more power. Smaller areas will cool faster than the larger ones, and if you use the dehumidifying functions it will do a more thorough job. So don’t limit a dual hose unit to only large areas and instead look at the max square footage as a number you should never go over. Another benefit to using a dual hose air conditioner in a small area is not needing to use the remote control. Users will have full access to the control panel and the advanced controls it offers.

Window Kits

Don’t overlook the usefulness of using the window kits that come with these units. Not only are they portable and can be moved room to room, but one of the best uses for them is installing in a window. This method keeps fresh air flowing inside while getting rid of warm air to the outside. It’s a perfect setup for rooms that tend to get hot, humid and overall unpleasant. Although it isn’t needed, window mounting is the perfect way to keep continuous fresh air coming in for people with allergy issues. The fresh air makes a world of difference in a home that is usually full of dust or unpleasant odors.


Dual hose air conditioners are the next step up from the single hose variants. They have all of the positives and none of the cons, and easily retain their value the longer you use them. Buyers that need a little more power than usual will find that these models fit the bill perfectly, even in some business areas.