GoCool is a company that puts all of its eggs in one basket with the GoCool 12v. As their premier product, it’s everything you’d expect out of a company that wanted to change the way people viewed portable air conditioners. They have become recognized for this offering, and may very well build on it and create a better version further down the line. But for now, this is their go-to product for customers needing an all in one cooling solution that’s also robust enough to take on small homes. The effectiveness of this conditioner is going to surprise a lot of people that are not used to trying one of the new companies.

GoCool 12V Portable

The first thing people notice about the GoCool 12V is its size, which is bigger than normal portable air conditioners. As a high priced option, it makes up for its size by being a great intermediate-professional cooling solution. Not beginner friendly at all, the GoCool is a patented product that can cool small and large areas quickly.

Unique to this system is the use of ice and water to help the cooling function, which not only acts as an accelerant but keeps the unit at comfortable operating temperatures. It can hold up to four one gallon jugs or forty pounds of bagged ice. There is a lot of room to mix the two together for the desired effect, and it doesn’t take long to get a good idea of what makes the best combination. With a little bit of practice, most users will be able to load it without measuring.

A feature that is talked about a lot with this portable air conditioner is the lack of exhaust, which is great if you don’t want to put it near a window. It is different from the other options on the market, which is both a good and bad thing. Beginners that purchase this unit will be overwhelmed with the control options. Even some intermediate users may find it difficult to get into, although the control panel is quite intuitive in the way it’s made. The unit has wheels, but it is also close to 40 pounds in weight. These are considered small cons to what is an overall great value. When you need to cool both inside and outside areas, very few units can outmatch the GoCool 12v portable.

Comfort Innovations

Comfort Innovations is a young company with a lot of praise from the industry. Their premiere product is the GoCool, and it was created by Russell Martello, with the first official model being sold in 2009. The redesign of the first model that Martello created on his boat was a smashing success, and the rebrand by Comfort Innovations pulled the company’s focus in a different direction. From that inspiration came products like the Cool Cape, Cool Blanket, Kooler Gel and even a Max Burton branded portable freezer.

The company is all about keeping their customers cool in the hot summer days, and all of their products are made for long term use. You won’t get lost in their catalog of goods, as they can all be seen on one page. The big seller is still GoCool, and the company is capitalizing off the creation of it to launch similar products.

They also had networked and gained the attention of big time sports program LSU, where they work closely with the athletic training department. As one of the top collegiate teams in all of the sports, LSU is considered their biggest client yet. Outside of the glitz and glamor of football, the company has also dedicated their wares to local firefighters and improving the environment. A big plus about their products is that they don’t give off harmful pollution while in use.


This is one of the bigger portable cooling solutions on the market. Because of that, it may conflict with an individual’s personal preference while traveling. And in some instances where space is limited, it will be impossible to bring this along as the leading cooling solution. Other things to factor in with the size is how heavy it is to move vertically when you can’t use the wheels. When going up a long flight of stairs, the almost forty pound conditioner will be a chore without secondary help.

And when the bulkiness of it is factored in, sometimes placing it in a storable position isn’t possible. But for all the hassle about its size, that also turns out to be one of its biggest strengths. With all of that extra girth, users can put a lot of water and ice in the unit so that it cools faster, longer and better than anything on the market. Taking away its size would make it more portable, but it would also come at the cost of its greatest asset.


For all the great things that can be said about this portable air conditioner, there is one department where it completely lacks; style. The GoCool won’t win any beauty contests, and in a home setting it will stand out. Looking like an alpha version of c3p0, the brand didn’t put a lot into the style of the unit and instead focused on placement. The control panel is in the perfect place and is easy to understand without having to refer to the instructions.

Buyers that put it in the right place will have no trouble identifying what mode it’s in from a distance due to the large and useful panel. The only thing that was left out was the use of a remote control. With the control panel being so easy to read, then the GoCool gets a pass for missing long distance controls. It’s all about finding a balance, and this product does a great job at it. But make no mistake about it- future iterations of the GoCool would benefit greatly from including a remote control.


Buyers that enjoy the features of the GoCool should take note that a lot of it is patented technology. The No exhaust is something that draws in a lot of people, mostly looking for green solutions. As a powerful air cooler, the GoCool manages to cool entire areas without putting harmful chemicals in the air.

The No exhaust system is an important part of how that came to be in the final design. The primary use of ice and water as a source of cooling the air is also patented by this machine, although there exist generic name brands that copy it to an extent. They don’t come close to the cooling power of the GoCool, which can also hold more ice and water than any other copycat on the market.

Inside Capabilities

When using it in a home, the GoCool can handle small, medium and even large rooms. Packing it with the correct levels of ice and water will help make a difference quicker than a regular portable air conditioner. A converter isn’t needed since it can also connect via dc with the included electric cord. Once plugged in, the GoCool runs quietly and doesn’t use up a lot of energy, despite its size. At its core, the power saving abilities are perfect for low power settings.

That is why the ac cord works so well in cars and trucks. Consumers won’t even notice it running in a home that has bad circuitry, which wins it some serious points in areas where the wiring is bad. The only reason to take points off for inside use is for when it needs to be continuously moved up and down the stairs. The GoCool is a portable unit, but not one that was built for constant movement on different heights.

Outside Capabilities

This is where the unit shines the brightest, and also what it was intended for in most situations. Whether it is in an RV, on a boat, in the middle of camp or even in the middle of nowhere, the GoCool is a top solution for keeping cool. And with its seamless AC adapter connection, it won’t drain the battery as aggressively as competing for air conditioners. Depending on how it is used, the GoCool can do a good job of cooling an entire space outside even if it is in a wide open area.

The difference in cooling between a regular air conditioner and a GoCool model comes down to the great cooling effect people get when the air hits them. If a regular portable air conditioner isn’t optimized for outside use, then it will simply blow ‘average’ air into the area. If it is really hot, then this quickly escalates to wasted money and time. Using the GoCool will be the closest thing buyers can get to a portable mist machine.

Customer Support

Steady improvements have worked wonders for the customer support service at Comfort Innovations. In 2010 they expanded their already excellent service to include a live 24-hour addition. It was a big hit the moment the company introduced it, and in 2011 that excellent service helped the company earn the #1 product ranking with their GoCool model.

It was issued by Landline Magazine and was a huge moment in the company’s history. Their customer base continued to grow, and now they have one of the best warranty programs of any company. So even if a small company represents GoCool, they offer big brand pricing, warranties, and customer service.

How Does It Help Professionals?

When a lot of people are in a single place, the heat can jump up dramatically. In an office setting the GoCool can keep the temperature at the recommended level so that workers can move around comfortably. So for busy office environments, this portable air conditioner excels in keeping fresh air flowing through the area. The only decision buyers will have to make whether the design of the product will interfere with the design of the office. There are several ways to hide the unit in plain sight, but for industrial settings, looks won’t even be a factor.

What Are The Benefits For Regular Customers?

In a home setting, the GoCool is great, taking little to no time to cool an entire room. Buyers can enjoy the convenience of cooling an entire living room and then moving the same high air out onto the patio. The wheels are great, even if they aren’t good for the vertical movement. When on flat ground it rolls smoothly and doesn’t provide a lot of resistance despite its heavy size. For mobile homes, customers can cool their entire home without depending on other third party cooling solutions. Not only will this save money since it uses minimal power, but it will also help out a lot if the lights go out. Moving from AC to dc takes minimal time, and will help out in emergencies.

Is It Powerful?

It’s not so much the power of the unit that grabs people with the GoCool and is instead about what it does to the air. With the proper amount of ice and water, it does a better job than noted ‘powerful’ portable air conditioners on the market. Even at its max setting, only 1.6 amps are in use. This is a big deal since it draws from two different types of power sources, with one of them not being infinite.

The inclusion of ice and water puts the effectiveness of the unit over the top. Customers may get confused about the power status of the unit if they just look at specifications, which look underpowered. When paired with the high price, a lot of questions are asked about how well it performs in real world conditions. With all of the awards, customer appreciation, and recommendations, it’s clear to see that everyone thinks it has more than enough power to go around.


Buyers will get all they need from the GoCool portable air conditioner at a decent price. It doesn’t take long to figure out the system, and it takes even less time to get the measurements right with the water/ice combo. With GoCool, you’re getting a system that cools the air in the most efficient way possible.