When Gree made the Easycool, customers were already lining up to buy their products. The Easycool became one of their better selling portable air conditioners on the market, with sales that continue to grow in the UK and North American territories.

In some areas, the Easycool is considered a hard to find a product, so there is value in owning one. With Gree still perfecting their overall appliance lineup, there are a lot of differences between their portable air conditioner and the others available on the market. These small changes are precious to customers when they’re making a final buying decision on an Easycool.

Gree Easycool 3.5kW Portable Air Conditioning Unit Cooler

Available at a medium to high price point, the Easycool is a great choice for customers that are familiar with Gree products. All levels of users can handle the setup of the unit, with the complex settings making a difference in how the unit functions during inside and outside sessions.

With a powerful 12000 BTU’s behind its power scheme, there is plenty of cool air to go around when using this as the main unit. There is enough power for it to handle larger rooms, the same rooms that similar 12000 BTU units would struggle with. Even on its highest settings, the sound is low, with only 58Db even when it has been operating for a while.

There isn’t much of a noise difference between the settings, and when switching from the various modes, it doesn’t have that annoying kick up sound that plagues traditional air conditioners. The size is average, although some users have said it leans more toward a larger size.

This may have more to do with the shape than the actual size of the unit, and shouldn’t be an issue for most buyers. The only con to mention about the unit is that it is a mixture of modern and old features, an odd mix that isn’t seen throughout the industry. For all of its modern features, the construction of the exhaust hose and its need to be out an open window seemed out of place with the other modern features of the air conditioner.

It isn’t a big deal, but one that is noticeable depending on which setting consumer plans on using it in. Consider the Easycool the best choice for a portable air conditioner from Gree, and one that will quickly make a difference once set up.


Gree Electric is a huge Chinese appliance manufacturer that has been around since 1989. They are a young company, but one that is already the biggest residential air maker in the world. Even if consumers don’t use their flagship model Easycool, the company has several other air conditioning products that have some part of their technology in it.

Beyond cooling, they also make water dispensers, rice cookers, humidifiers, induction cookers and even air purifiers. All of their appliances have maintained high ratings across several years of change, and it makes a big difference in how their customers view them as a company. The brand name Gree isn’t widely known in North America, yet it’s hard to escape the impact their technology and materials have had on the industry.

Many of the leading brands in the world have Gree to thank for their components, with an incredible one in three air conditioners in the world being made by the company. Even with mass production, the quality of their products has never slipped. Gree is often complimented as being ahead of the game with features, pricing, quality and customer service. With the Easycool carrying their company banner, their market share will continually increase.


The Easycool comes in at 840x460x500, so is about the same as the average portable air conditioner on the market. The reason some customers rate it as being larger than normal has to do with the design or the ‘hump’ in the back of the unit. It doesn’t add too many inches to the machine, but it’s enough of a size difference that some customers noticed. Buyers that don’t have strict dimension requirements for the unit will be fine, and the same goes for consumers that want to put it in a tight fitting area.

The largest part of the conditioner is the exhaust hose, which is thicker than normal when compared to other setups. RV users are a good example of when size may become an issue since space is limited while on the road. There are ways around it, but the bulk of the exhaust hose may cause more problems than expected with size. Other than that, the wheels at the bottom don’t add too much to the height, making it a non-issue. For storage purposes, the Easycool can fit just like any other air conditioner and is great when buyers have multiple models at once. They line up and can save space together when not in use.


Gree went for a clean look with the Easycool, and it can be seen with how the console is minimized. There are only five active buttons and a small LCD screen, making it one of the few portable air conditioners to not have a larger than average screen. For the Easycool this was done on purpose, and it makes more sense when customers see the full-featured remote that comes packaged with the unit.

The Easycool was meant to be operated from a distance rather than from the console and is a set it and forget it product when the settings are done right. The base colors available are white and silver, so nothing too fancy in the looks department. Since this is a minimalist design, it can flourish in any setting without clashing with the theme. It’s rare that a company can create an air conditioning unit that blends in with the background, so having Gree accomplish it speaks to their dedication as a company.

This minimalist design might not be continued as they move forward, so don’t be surprised if the Evercool becomes rare. If that happens, then buying one will become more difficult than ever. Interested buyers worldwide will hold onto their models since the market won’t have anything that matches a minimalistic design like the Evercool. However, if this design becomes popular, consumers will at least have a choice beyond a few select models.


The biggest thing to note in the feature section for this portable air conditioner is the low sound output. With 58Db it can work in home and office setting, even when it is placed in the most intensive mode. Not a lot of 12000 BTU units are this quiet, and it is one of the many benefits of having the Easycool.

Another plus is the full featured remote with the large screen. With the minimalist design of the product, the remote is the complete opposite and gives incredible control to the user. This is compounded by the fact that the remote’s batteries last a long time, turning it into the ideal remote control for any portable appliance.

The range is just right, so in setups where the air conditioner needs to be hidden, it will still be fully operable with the remote. Hidden in the features is a reliable 2k watt heating option, which is average but still useful when needed. Even if it clocks in as less powerful than other heater/cooler combos on the market, once it’s on for a while the room reaches the desired temperature. So in short, the heating function is slow to start but great once it is on for a long amount of time.

Inside Capabilities

Inside is where this unit does its best work, whether it is cooling or heating a room. Because of the low noise, it can be used in a room built for a newborn. Customers can get peaceful sleep while it is running, and not even know it is in the same room. So a great initial setup will go a long way in getting the most out of this product.

Where the inside capabilities start to get a little muddy is with its need to be within the range of a window. The Easycool comes with a hose that has a nice length, but it can be considered short for large rooms. This is a little confusing for consumers since the unit is capable of handling large rooms with ease, so packaging it with a hose that may not be able to reach the window is a hassle.

Out of all the great things about the air conditioner, this was the only one that hurt its inside capabilities. When a window is near, then it does a wonderful job while in operation. In larger rooms or rooms where a window is out of the way, some extra components need to be purchased to make it compatible.

Outside Capabilities

Although not promoted as a great outside air conditioner, in enclosed, semi-enclosed and entirely outside spaces, this air conditioner delivers wonderfully. Even with the absence directional cooling, it handles being outside just as good as units that were meant for outside use.

For campsites or other small to a medium outside areas that need a nice cool breeze, the Easycool is an unlikely choice that makes sense when comparing its features to strictly outside air conditioners. On rough surfaces, the wheels won’t roll correctly, so customers need to make sure they properly carry it on rough terrain when necessary.

Customer Support

No matter how Gree is contacted, they take great care of their customers. Calls and emails are returned quickly, and that also applies to the portable air conditioner representatives. Since Gree is such a large company, they split up their help for specific products. In turn, buyers get a much more personalized service when they need to call in warranty or ask a general question about the product.

Gree is also a green friendly company, and a quick call to their service centers can put interested customers on the right track to finding the appropriate products. In a home or office setting, they can meet the needs of buyers that want to save the environment.

How Does It Help Professionals?

For professionals in office environments, the Easycool is a hit or miss solution. The effectiveness of the unit is entirely dependent on whether there is an open window nearby for the hose. Absent the window, and the unit loses a lot of the important features that makes it ideal for an office setting. So in big office spaces, it would be at a disadvantage, while in a single office with a window it will make a big difference. The low noise operation is a plus for professionals that take calls and deal with clients throughout a workday.

What Are The Benefits For Regular Customers?

At home is where the Easycool does its best work, even in larger rooms or areas like the living room. Customers with an at home movie theater won’t find a better portable option for cooling. Once again, the quiet operation of the unit is perfect for not interrupting surround sound, so customers hear their movie rather than a loud fan.

On carpet, the Easycool does an admirable job rolling without getting caught. And on the hardwood and flat home surfaces, it glides across in the easiest way possible.  With a choice between using the Easycool for a home or office setting, the home would be where it is most efficient. That still doesn’t take away from how useful it can be in a single office. And let’s not forget buyers with a home office that can benefit from having this portable air conditioner. There are many different ways that the Easycool earns its value, inside or outside.


Gree continues to impress with their master of the HVAC market, having full control over critical industry components. The Easycool is an appropriate answer to competitors and should set a benchmark on how to make a portable air conditioner.