Lucky are you if you own a portable air conditioner or if you are planning to purchase one or even more. Nevertheless, you should just not enjoy its benefits for a few days instead it should provide you with long term benefits which depend on how you take care of it and maximize its use to.

Here are ways you can reap maximum benefits out of a portable AC:

Closed off spaces

Portable air conditioners cool a particular enclosed kitchen, living room or any space available to them. Therefore, if you have an open-plan kind of a kitchen combined with the living room, you require putting into account the whole space by calculating the square footage. However, if the spaces of your rooms are entirely not closed off, the portable air conditioner will be working to cool down the entire space.

The best solution would be that whenever you are planning to get a portable air conditioner, go for BTU’s or buy multiple units. For instance, if you had put into consideration 10,000BTU unit, but when it comes to space, there is another extra room, it is advisable that you opt for a 12,0000 BTU unit or supplement it with an 8,000 BTU unit.

The more enclosed your room is, the more efficient and effective the unit will work. Thus, whenever the portable air conditioner is at work on an individual room, try to close most openings leading to the room. Also, you ought to eliminate heat sources within the room as possible for example, lights and electronic items.

Turn it on beforehand

You will best enjoy cool air from your portable air conditioner is to turn it on a few hours before you need that cool air. This is especially when the portable air conditioner is the only item used to cool the rooms thus turn it on before the temperature gets far from relatively cool to hot.

Let’s say you need to have a cool temperature to a room that gets heated up at mid-day, the best way to have that cool effect then will be if your turn it on a few hours before mid-day. By doing so, even the units will comfortably provide the sufficient temperature while they also operate efficiently. However, if you wait until the room temperature is way hot then try to cool it at that time, the units will have to work twice hard, and it might be impossible to achieve the required temperature.

Most Portable air conditioners have the timer function which you can employ to have your room cooled at the particular time required. It could be that you need to find your room at a cool temperature when you come from the church for instance; you then have to set the timer to have the unit power on an hour or so before you get home.

Also, you are luckier if you also own a fan because together with your portable air conditioner, the cooling effect will be more efficiently circulated while the cooling power unit is supplemented to.


Venting in a room makes cooling very effective in fact, most portable conditioners are designed to vent off to a window and even come with a handy, easy to install window kit.

Nevertheless, you have not limited the regular window form of venting. Therefore, you need not worry if the room you want to cool lacks a window because of there other options of forms of venting.

A sliding glass door and a ceiling are the other two types of venting for a portable air conditioner which you can opt for. Venting through a sliding glass door has similarities and is as easy as venting through a window, you only require a sliding door venting kit to accommodate the vertical length of the door and from there, and the rest of the process is the same.

Venting through the ceiling is the other option for a portable air conditioner, it is popularly used in offices especially with the fact that the ceiling venting kits are very easy and simple to set up. Also, you can vent through the floor, chimney or another room. Also, venting through a basement is possible and easy to.


Most people are only aware of the obvious function of a portable air conditioner. However, with the modern ones, there are multiple functions to serve you all year-round. Some modern designs have a dehumidify-only mode which works by pulling the multiple pints of moisture from the air. Therefore, if you live near a body mass for instance at the coast, this could be very useful during all seasons.

Also, there are models attached with the heater function making your portable conditioner keeping you comfortably warm even during the winter season other than just storing it.


Filters ensure that your conditioner provides you with not only cool air but also clean one by getting rid of smoke and odors and boost the efficiency of the power units. Portable air conditioners come with washable pre-filters best used as an additional carbon filter.

Other than the carbon filters, there are also the anti-microbial filters from 3M. They also are meant to enhance your portable air conditioners efficiency and aid in its maintenance by removing dust, smoke, pollen and even mold spores from the air.

You will require replacing the filters after around every three months so by purchasing a five pack of filters will last you for almost a year plus it is also cheaper than having to buy the replacements every time.

Bottom Line

Investing on a portable air conditioner is a wise decision for your comfort especially during the hot season and gain even more when it’s a multipurpose one. You also no need to worry about the energy bill if you follow to use it appropriately like setting the timer just correctly for the required temperature. This can be one gadget that can serve your needs for very long time with proper maintenance and efficient use.