As one of the first manufacturers to introduce useful portable air conditioners in the US, Toyotomi has a vast catalog to entice customers with. Sometimes all of their models go under the radar when compared to bigger brands, but make no mistake about it; they are reliable, priced well and one of the better brands to do business with. A significant amount of attention goes to how well these units run in multiple settings. So for customers that have inside and outside used for their portable air conditioners, a Toyotomi may be the best choice to get them started.

Toyotomi Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Toyotomi TAD-T40LW 14000 BTU

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The powerful TAD-T40LW is exactly what consumers need if power is a huge concern. With 14,000 BTU, it is one of the most powerful choices out of Toytomi’s lineup. This also includes the 11,000 BTU’s of heating, which is quick to start up and maintain and steady temperature. This is a high priced and high-performance unit meant for all levels of users, in all settings.

Professional and residential customers can make use of the strong features of this unit, and it may even be a preference for office environments due to its design. A built-in self-evaporating system keeps things clean around the area so that there is no messy cleanup. A remote control is included, but just like the main control panel, it is average in its capabilities.

This isn’t a downside to the unit, and will only be a big issue for power users that want to the full operate their air conditioner with a remote control. The timer is easy to set, and the front panel is good enough in execution that there aren’t too many complaints about it. For everyday use with a portable air conditioner, this is a fantastic choice to get the job done.

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Toyotomi TAD-30K Portable Air Conditioner

At a similarly high price but in a smaller design, the TAD-30K is the primary choice for users that want real power. The difference is they also value size, and that is where the smooth dimensions of this air conditioner win. It’s smaller than the other products in the lineup, yet still, packs a considerable punch when at full blast. With 10,000 BTU’s, it can handle both large and small areas without breaking a sweat.

Rooms up to 300 square feet remain cool while it is an operation, with the only downside of the unit being its lack of a heating function. Fans speeds go between low-high, with a very intuitive auto setting which is great for most occasions. The remote follows a lot of the design queues from the rest of their models but seems more fitting for this particular design more than the others.

Buyers can program it with ease from the console or the controller, which just so happens to have great range. With the timer and all other features, this is a near perfect solution for portable air conditioning. Customers will get just about everything they would expect from a unit of this size.

Toyotomi 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The last product to mention is one of their under the radar portable air conditioners, the TAD-30J. It is one of the most versatile on the list, and also the most up to date if you consider its deeper features. The only thing that it is missing is a heating function, which is forgivable since that is usually included in higher tier models. But at a blazing 10,000 BTU, this is no slouch in the power department and is perfect for all levels of users. It can be used as an air conditioner, dehumidifier or fan. One of the better selling points of the product is that even with its high price, it is one of the lowest costing models out of Toyotomi’s lineup.

The price savings goes even further by handling power usage very well in heavy situations, with a low consumption rate. It is a great fit for residential and professional users, with a strong preference for residential users due to the power savings. An included remote control, window panel kit and duct hose round out the great value of this portable air conditioner.

Another great thing to mention is that the LCD is the best on the list, with touch controls that are fun to work with. Interested buyers won’t have to worry about figuring out the controls, which are deep in customization with timers and schedules. This is hands down an underappreciated model on the list, and one customer should take a close look at.

Toyotomi USA

Toyotomi USA has been around since 1948. They are a Japanese based company that sells heating and portable air conditioners. With a clear focus on only two types of products, Toyotomi has the uncanny ability to have minimal problems with their products once they reach customers hands.

Rather than being a smaller branch of a bigger company, they have their identity and can put all of their resources into a particular model. Their distribution size is fantastic, and over time they’ve become one of the biggest makers of heating products. Although their heating products sell more than their portable air conditioners, the two products are favored equally among consumers for their longevity.


The company is really good about keeping the sizes of their portable air conditioners user-friendly. There isn’t a big model in their lineup, and just about all of them are lightweight. Whether this is through the materials used or design, Toyotomi is a great source for finding portable air conditioners that can travel comfortably in an RV. And with a 14,000 BTU unit on their list, it’s not like these air conditioners are lacking in power. They travel well for their size and require minimal hookups when you need them. Even the included hoses are made to cause as little hassle as possible.


This can be considered a weak point or a strong point depending on where you plan to use the product. All of the models in Toyotomi are plain in color, with a shape that looks no different than any other portable air conditioner. It is very average looking, even for their updated units.

In an office setting, this won’t be a problem since buyers can put it wherever they want. But for residential customers, these air conditioners may lack a specific style that they’re looking for. The design is in no way ugly, it just so happens to be basic- even among traditional portable air conditioners. Some of their models come in a nice looking gray, so as an alternative it may be worth checking out.


Consumers can expect the usual features from the lineup, with nothing too fancy. Depending on the model there are options for heating, dehumidification, and remotes. But the main feature of Toyotomi’s products is what little power they use when operating. It’s a remarkable achievement that may earn them points with customers that are practicing a green lifestyle.

There most powerful 14,000 BTU air conditioner runs just fine at the highest setting, even when cooling off large rooms. Without sacrificing any of the important components of cooling, they squeezed as much power as possible out of their products. This is a big reason why they come so highly recommended for travelers in RV’s.

Inside Capabilities

In both office and residential settings, the models perform spectacularly for all size rooms. The temperature maintains itself without sending the unit into a massive overdrive, even when cooling off larger rooms. Sound levels are about average so that it will be noticed slightly in a quiet office setting. Even at its loudest, the noise level is still acceptable for inside usage.

When it is using other features like heating, once again the noise level remains at an average pitch. Since it isn’t universally known for having a quieter lineup, the preference for Toyotomi models leans towards businesses. There are still plenty of residential users that buy their portable air conditioning products, and that number will grow if they adopt a slicker universal design. That includes revamping their remote control into a full-featured addition.

Outside Capabilities

When used outside their products excel, and they may be favored since they’re so light. At a campsite with limited space, their portable air conditioners will cool down the entire area quick. The only thing that’s missing from most of their models is a way to direct the cool air to the intended target.

This is a standard inclusion on top range air conditioners and can be a problem for customers that are used to the feature. With Toyotomi, the exclusion of the feature is forgiven due to their other excellent outdoor functions. And when a backup battery is involved, there is no better choice to for low power usage than a Toyotomi.

Customer Support

The company shines in this department, with great over the phone help. For the customers that prefer not to talk on the phone, there is the option of filling out their online form, a quick and easy method to get an answer to a burning question.

Warranty claims are good, not great, and has a lot to do with where the customer is located. This can turn into a big hassle for buyers that are on the road a lot, but thankfully Toyotomi products don’t break down easy. Their world class customer support is one of the many reasons why they’re considered a strong competitor.

How Does It Help Professionals?

For professionals, the light weight of the product can help during jobs that require a lot of movement. Portable air conditioners with wheels are known for being a pain to go vertically up a flight of stairs. So when the job requires a lot of vertical movement, having the low weight of a Toyotomi becomes a huge bonus.

They’re small enough that one person can carry it up and down a flight of stairs, while still having the smooth horizontal movement that users desire. Their products are a double threat for professionals that need quick actions in all directions from their portable air conditioners. As a side note, if they added carrying handles to their products it would help out the customer when carrying.

What Are The Benefits For Regular Customers?

Residential customers will get a powerful unit that is capable of cooling large rooms. On select models, the heating function has the same power in how it handles large areas. For RV’s with adequate space, this is a winner. And for apartments with a busted AC unit, this is the portable air conditioner that can save the day.

The only thing that is unfriendly is the price, which isn’t a benefit for regular customers. Everyone is looking for a deal with portable air conditioners without compromising the quality of the product. The high prices charged for Toyotomi products are fair but may turn away customers that were on the fence about a purchase.

Is It Powerful?

Their 14,000 BTU model is the first on the list for a reason, as it is the perfect mix of power and features. All in one package customers get an electrical appliance that can handle large rooms quite well. If placed properly, it can completely control the temperature in a small to medium sized studio apartment.

And for large rooms, there will be no trouble cooling or heating it so that the occupant is comfortable. The range of the remote is good, so customers shouldn’t let the lack of extended range options turn them off of the product. With a little bit of patience, they will unlock powerful features that offer decent customization options.


It doesn’t take long to get used to a Toyomoto product when the user desires power, excellent customer service, and varied options. The company delivers all three and has an outstanding lineup of portable air conditioners to sell to professional and residential customers. No matter what model you end up with, it will be one of the better purchases in the industry.