The size of your energy bill is the only worse thing, other than the scorching overwhelming summer heat. You look outside your window, from the comfort of your home and you feel the warm air burning your nostrils you just can’t go outside, don’t worry here a simple solution for you. The portable air conditioners, they are reasonably priced and an excellent way to keep you and your family cool throughout the summer, simultaneously keeping your both your wallet and your bank accounting from sweating out.

There are a couple of reasons why you should consider buying a portable air conditioner, let’s take a closer look at a few tips that will lower your energy usage and in the long run get to save a few of your hard earned money.

Fast Cooling Devices

Everyone has experienced the raising temperature due to some company you had over for Sunday night dinner or that sizzling party you had last summer, and it just seemed to get hotter n hotter due to the additional body heat from your guests. Mostly in such situations the first thing that pops up in our minds is cranking down the air conditioning unit to get a swift blast of cold fresh air to counter react the excess heat effectively.

Sadly, if your house is equipped with an HVAC unit, the air is usually circulated throughout the entire house simultaneously, so that swift blast cold fresh air is that swift. On the other hand, if let’s say for example you owned a portable air conditioner, then its capable of providing that swift blast cold fresh air directly where and when needed.

A different scenario is also while in the kitchen, the kitchen temperatures can regularly fluctuate, depending on the type of kitchen appliances you’re using or respectively the rooms which are much closer to the kitchen. The HVAC unit is capable of kicking-on with the sole purpose of reducing the temperature where preferred, but a portable air conditioning unit will blast out fresh air at a concentrated point, leaving you with a clean, fresh, relaxed, happy feeling. It’s faster and safer than all the other air conditioners ever could.

Safer Temperature Regulation

There’s no need of spending too much money on turning a room you want cool into an icebox; you can just save money by changing the temperature to a higher setting on the portable air conditioner. By slowly altering the portable air conditioner temperature to a higher setting, you give your body the chance to adapt to the change in temperature throughout the course of a few days. In the end, you may learn that your body cools down easily with a somewhat higher, less expensive temperature setting.

A Superb Choice for Older Homes

Different homes have been built differently in both structure and design. Your house windows may turn out to be too small, meaning they can’t successfully accommodate a window air conditioner, or you have that perfect lake view and installing a window unit will just ruin the whole thing. In all these different situations a portable air conditioner is the best solution.

There’s also a different scenario where you have a much older house that doesn’t have ductwork. Installing an HVAC system in that specific house may turn out to be a very expensive endeavor; you may be required to do extensive renovations on the house, spending both too much time and money in the process. This is where the portable air conditioner comes in; it’s much gentle on your budget plus, you don’t need to renovate your home just so you can install it drastically, you can just place it on your coffee table and sit comfortably on your couch.

Much Better Than Any Window A/C Unit

Relying on a window air conditioner for home or office cooling purposes is somewhat both an expensive and frustrating method of keeping your body temperature cool and comfortable. A portable air conditioner is the smartest option for you and your family, and it may just come in handy in such situations. There are endless reasons to support this claim, so let’s take a look at a few them.

Eyesores Blocking the View and Natural Light

One thing that frustrates the users of a window air conditioner is the fact that they are an eyesore that conceals a perfect view from your window, plus it limits the amount of natural light entering your home the window. On the other hand, you can place a portable air conditioner anywhere you want, they take up microscopic space, if any at all, allowing your home to have an unlimited amount of natural daylight and a superb view from the window.

Neighborhood Limitations

In some towns, cities or neighborhood laws the use of window air conditioners is strictly prohibited and keeping cool in such situations can be a hustle. You’ll find yourself settling for that shade under the trees on those hot summer days, but we both know bird poop isn’t all that awesome when it falls right there on that new shirt, or the carbon dioxide from the cars coming from the road have long-term effects on both your lungs and skin. In such situations portable units are the only way out, they are not only an efficient option but also they will not violate any violate any towns, cities or neighborhood laws.

Energy Efficiency

Window units are always kept outside; they roast in the scorching sun all throughout the day which causes wear and tear and forces them to work faster and harder thereby increasing your energy bill. But with a modern, stylish portable unit its priority is saving energy and its build to be more energy efficient than a wall unit.

Energy Efficient Cooling Alternative

The most obvious reason as to why a contemporary portable unit lowers your power bill is its ability to be moved from place to place or room to room. No matter the time or day or whichever room you are in your house you can relax and rest assured that you’ll be cool and contented.

When you think about it using a portable unit puts you in a position where you use less and less of your central A/C, or not at all, and the room still maintains the temperature. What’s the purpose of keeping every room cool when you are at home alone, and nobody is present in the rooms? It’s a waste of energy and money; a portable unit is an efficient option that enables you to control your indoor temperature.

Get the right size

Having a large portable unit means unnecessarily using energy when you don’t have to. Just like the same situation applies in HVAC unit you have to make sure you get the right sized unit for actually cooling and heating your home. Having a large portable air conditioner means unnecessary consumption of energy, on the other side having a small one means that your unit will work harder to keep your room cool. The extra strain on the unit gives way to wear and tear.

To efficiently determine the type of portable unit you need, you’ll have to measure the square footage of the rooms and figure out the BTU (British Thermal Unit) here are some measurement and BTUs:

  • Small Spaces less than 250 sq. ft. — 7,000-8,000 BTUs
  • Mid-Size Spaces are ranging from 300-425 sq. ft. — 10,00-12,000 BTUs
  • Large Spaces are ranging from 400-525+ sq. ft. — 14,000 BTUs


If you are on the market for an efficient air conditioner that will help you beat the heat and the high costs that come with summer cooling, then this is it. By using a portable air conditioner, you will be surprised by the amount of money you save you just might be able to afford a vacation to a much cooler destination next summer and miss out entirely on the summer heat.